How can i increase my Facebook page and Twitter followers

This is affecting the reputation of my website alot,how can i increase my fb page and twitter followers daily.The thing seem to be stagnant.


Have you tried FB ads and twitter promoted tweets? These are both very effective for increasing a following. Other than that, you just have to be active on these platforms. Make sure you are sharing things regularly (at least twice a week for FB and 4-5 times per week for twitter). Comment on other’s posts in FB, share their content, like their content and interact with content on twitter as well. The more you interact with other’s content, the more visible you will be to others and the more likely that they will click on your profiles to find out more about you and perhaps follow you.

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As smanaher said, for Facebook (I’m not familiar with Twitter), be sure you have regular entertaining or interesting posts, and maybe give an ad a try.

Facebook ads I’ve found are super cheap, but very effective. For $5 USD, I got a couple thousand people through my Page for a few days, and because I had interesting posts there waiting for them to interact with, I got about twenty fans.

Now whether or not those fans turn into customers, well that’s another question. Still working on that part.

Spend a lot more time there, interacting with people.

BTW, your website is either broken or you haven’t published anything yet. This answers your initial question as well.

If you would like to increase your Facebook and Twitter followers then you require to update your status regularly with interesting posts. Join your related groups and share related posts. Share latest update, news etc. Like other status, comments on it.

Also doing run ads campain on facebook, and twitter you just post fresh news content followup. I think you would build likes to your facebook page

Have you updated the contents of your FB and Twitter accounts? If so, how many times? New and interesting content is what attracts and keeps your followers. Also, have you tried participating on other FB and Twitter account holders’ pages? You can get a good following there.

Regular updates, Provide interesting information, interact !

Some other things you can do is find pages similar to yours. Request them to “Share for Share”. They share you page on their wall you share theirs. You can try gigs from fiverr as well. They promise like 5K to 10K liks for $5 but they will drop down so i don’t trust.

One thing that i have noticed can bring audience to your site is post interesting photos related to humor, life , health etc and tag your friends via your profile ( not your page profile ). This way your friends’ friend will notice it and you have high chances of getting genuine likes to your page.

There are many software which can help you increase fans or like on your facebook but they are not real people, so that it is not good for your career

The very first thing is to be very active. But only being active may not always be enough - you need to be interesting too. Post a lot of good content and keep your subscribers engaged.

Give out a freebie once in a while like an ebook. You can also hold contests and give out coupons or gift cards.

Use paid advertising as suggested above. If done properly paid ads can be very effective

If you want to increase your facebook likes and Twitter Follower then post related and unique content on your page. You can also increase your Follower and Likes with the help of addmethis, youlikethis and traffup.


If you want to increase your fan followers on Facebook and twitter- You need to keep on sharing jokes,Touching stories and you need to keep on commenting on what other people share. Daily chat with them. Show them how interested you are in their post by adding some good comments, this would built interest in them to be your fan follower.

Since it seems like you are new to social networks, my advice is to add everyone and everything in sight. I noticed that if you add as many people as you can, the people connected to those people will add you as well. So you get this almost doubling effect.

Well, To increase your facebook likes and twitter followers you need to be very social, friendly, frequent, creative and up to date. when i say Social: it means keep posting informational sources, Friendly: share other’s post, like and comment on useful posts, follow others and follow back, Frequent: Keep posting at regular interval of times, Creative: you should be creative in your content that people may take interest to get engaged to your post, Up To Date: You need to be updated with the latest social media platforms updates, what’s happening around etc.

I hope this post will help you out :slight_smile:

As we all know there are many tools for increase Facebook likes and twitter followers like add me fast.If u use that type of tools you easily gain your likes and followers,
but the best way to increase likes and followers who is genuine is that just post regularly for your page if you updated content regularly you gain genuine followers and likes.


The tools that you can use may work but could give you a downgraded quality of followers. If you are looking to monetize Twitter and Facebook traffic, you need a very targeted audience. It is hard enough to get your target audience to buy or patronize your product if you are reaching the right audience to begin with.

You can also buy followers from people but I would be choosy if I went that route.

If you wana to increase your fb page likes and followers, So you join some other page or group which have also more member and post your page like here with attractive ad. Share your page. FB also provides paid feature to increase like or followers of your page. some websites provides tool to increase like of a page use it.

To increase the FB page and follow you may have to spend some money for Social media advertising. I spent $50 Fb advertising and 1900+ fans, also keeping update everday could increase your fans. I update such as “Hey what you want read”, “how are you today, all”, and some coming up topic. I feel the numbers of fan interacted and like increase every day. You could try this as well.

You can increase your facebook and twitters followers by using just sign up and earned some points after earning just prepare the campaign of your face book and twitters followers.

Oh, this is disappointing. I’m sorry but I beg to disagree with this one. This shouldn’t be necessary. In real life, this is a catastrophe. It’s buying friendship. Please avoid using this method. If you have money, go and use the Paid Advertising being offered by Facebook to boost your posts. (facepalm)

Anyway, to answer your question…

Daily increase in your FB Page likes and Twitter followers is not guaranteed. And your page may be stagnant because you are not updating it daily. However, if your case is that you are updating it daily, posting relevant contents and tweeting a lot, then you have to look at the following:

1. Your Facebook Strategy should be different from your Twitter Strategy.
Others say that Facebook is better than Twitter, while others say it is the opposite. I would like to believe that although both are Social Media Sites, they target different users. A lot of blogs and articles have been published differentiating the two, and they are saying that the most successful Facebook Pages are those which posts IMAGES along with their content while Successful Twitter pages are those which tweets the most relevant and informative.

  1. It’s not only about the Likes, it’s about the PEOPLE LIKING your page.
    This is to pinpoint the “buying of likes on Facebook”. Sometimes, people are only looking at the number of likes on a page. However, what YOU SHOULD really prioritize is that the people who will like your page are those that are really willing to interact with what you are posting. Are they really interested in what you are offering? Are they willing to like your posts? Are they interested thus willing to comment on your posts? And are they willing to share what you have posted?

  2. Stop being STAGNANT by POSTING
    Of course, this may be obvious. BUT what must be kept in mind is that it is not necessarily needed to post on your page thrice a day. You can even do a Thrice a week depending on the schedule you are willing to allot in your Social Media Strategy. As long as what you will be posting are helpful, it will be noticed by people in their news feed.

I hope this can shed some light in your Social Media Marketing… :slight_smile: