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Please help me, how to increase follower in my Twitter A/c. Please describe me in detail, can I purchase Twitter followers package also suggest me this is real or the scam

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Just post things on Twitter that you find interesting or worthwhile, follow others you find interesting or worthwhile, and they will follow you if they find your tweets interesting. What’s the point in purchasing followers? Do you think they will love you because you paid them? I don’t think so.

I guess the question is, What do you want to get out of this? Do you want people to be interested in your offerings and buy them? Then let your following grow naturally, by offering something useful.

When people follow me and I see they have 10,000 followers, I know it’s all junk, and that they just feel good about themsleves having so many junk followers. But what’s the point? Those followers don’t give a toss about them.

You can use free twitter service, like Twiends or tweers
But that followers are not targeted and after some times everyone unfollow you.

Choose a category or type of tweet you want to put out, and stick to it. Be consistent, people will follow you because they like what you’re saying and want more of the same. Tweet at least twice a day, preferably three or four times. Use to check your metrics and see how you’re doing. Just keep experimenting and finding out what works. Hope that helps!

And then why should he use these services?
Only for followers number at first time?

First of all monitor twitter activity of your industry related twitterers, observe wht they are tweeting and what sort of their tweets get retweeted. Twitter is a micro blogging site therefore you should use some good interactive 140 characters, not just post title and link.

The best way is to increase the readability of your published trims. You need to run your account very carefully. Keep update the news. This is the right way to win the followers and visitors.

The biggest mistake people have posting any comment or the like, is that they try to think of something clever when all you need is something that is an attention grabber. Keywords are a huge part of this, not google keywords but just words that draw attention and that would be considered I candy from a writers perspective.
I don’t know if Google keywords affect twitter traffic though, thats something to look into.

Never buy a twitter following package, we cannot call it a scam but they don’t go for targeted followers. Follow those people that have interest in your business. To find those people is simple. Search for famous company in your business niche, when you found the account of that company of twitter then follow it’s followers and ask them to follow you back. This is the best way. Do not waste time and money in buying any package.

Wise use of twitter tags is also a good option to get maximum exposure for your tweet.

Keep your self something busy in twitter, start to follow other and post some interesting by this way you can increase your followers.

As others have said, decide what you want to Tweet about, and make your Tweets as useful for people with that interest as possible, try and find useful articles that are a bit obscure, that way you’re going to be able to give your followers things that aren’t likely to be seen otherwise, which should generate some loyalty.

best practices :
1- tweet : your tweets specially for breaing news brings followers
2- avoid website that claim to give u followers when u follow them
3- mutual following is useless
4- post follow me widget in ur website

just follow people of your interests…do post regular interesting tweets…try to follow those people that have less followers then in back they they should follow you inspite of following peoples of more followers…

you can put your twitter follow button in your website and blog to get the targeted followers.and you can also use Twiends and traffup to get more and more followers.I think these are the good ways to get the followers easily.

I use youtube to bring people in to my twitter account…cool video will bring them in.

Just posting informative posts on Twitter will gain you followers.

I think you’ve summed it up quite nicely. Instead of spending time looking for gimmicks, try using Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites as they were intended to be used. If you want to target your market, then do it by showing them you have something of value for them.

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