Tools in increasing Twitter followers and FB fanpag likes

Hi everyone!

Can you suggest useful tools to increase my Twitter followers and FB fanpage likes. So far I’ve been using twiends to promote my twitter and Fanpage, but it is not effective. I’ve been losing followers after a few hours. thanks

Use I think it may help you.

is there any other option aside from Twiends? thanks. :slight_smile:

i tried tool but i dont get desired output from them as getting manually giving me targeted person but using tool i realy dont get benefit…for social media marketing you need to have patience


follow others they also follow you.

People follow brands for relevant updates, news, games, promotions, deals, and other relevant reasons. Tools can not get around this reality… build a page with value and expose it to your users online or off depending on your business. If you don’t have enough users to grow to the size you want than treat it like any other promotional campaign and start driving traffic over.

Without a reason to follow nothing will keep people around.

Eh??? There is no chance for this, you may lost you seeds but not followers. Right??? You can set your seed charing option from the setting. Twiends is s good option, change the twiends settings.

Hi Steevealex,

i did try to change my settings and yet, I can’t change my default seeds to be given away

I still have a question about genuine likes that we get from Twiends users… It is just going to increase the number of likes but not the business… What do you people think?

Anything that adds followers / fans / friends for you without promoting your offering [i.e. auto following, anonymous follows, paid follows] is going to give you numbers, not value. I’ve had tweets about my product go out from top 10 accounts, the correlation with sales was not size but relevancy.

I hold a simple contest giveaway to increase a particular product’s fanpage likes and twitter friends.

Contests can be a good way to get fans but you have to watch your followers closely to avoid building up a contesting culture.

People who follow you for free stuff or to win but have no connect to the brand, no interest in your messages and don’t act in any way to contribute to or recirculate from what you say are not much value. As much as it’s about the numbers, it’s really not all about the numbers.

I read this somewhere else…it’s probably not the best idea…but apparently you can pay people on fiverr to get their fb friends to like you and stuff…not quite sure how all this pans out in the long -run though…

Fans who aren’t interested in the page, drag down your relevancy [which makes your posts show up less often and have less impact] and you violate the facebook rules.

I hate to be harsh to those who have or want to buy fans but there just isn’t an upside here…

I’ve been using twiends and I don’t think it is a good idea. It is a waste of time and energy. I will settle for manual following. An hour a day will do.

I suggest you add/invite random people whom you think may be of help to what you are adhering to. This way, whenever you post, comment or update you FB fanpage, they will see it on their news feeds and may become interested in it. Since Facebook can be connected with Twitter, your friends in Facebook who also have Twitter may follow you…

But keep in mind, Facebook accounts are handled by people with various interests and preferences, so results are sure to vary even if you follow my advice… Also, when posting in your wall, always make sure that some, and not all your posts should be of relevance to your FB Fanpage, as the people may think you are advertising or something, and being an account holder in FB, this is irritating for me. And on occasion, try tagging friends in one of your Notes pertaining to your fanpage… But do not do this as often, but only on rare cases. :slight_smile:

How is this any different than just spamming people? Where’s the value to either your own community or them?

twitter followers can be increased through wefollow website and fans for a facebook fanpage can be increased by frequently posting the updates.

The best tool to increase likes and fans is good content.

im also using twiends…but then dont just use a tool instead combine it with good content