How could i Increase my follower in Twitter and Digg?

Aside from posting interesting post/tweets and frequently updating your account… I think Tweepi also gives a valuable help to increase our follower.

You can try to search for the influential people in twitter related to your niche, one effective way to increase twitter follower. Make sure to become an active member and post valuable tweets.

you must try
It might help you.

1.) Digg other peoples submissions
2.) Leave quality comments on articles
3.) Follow other people

Whatever you do, don’t Digg and comment every story you see, don’t follow every single user and take your time.

Eventually you’ll build a quality following on Digg.

Digged up and retweet their post. You need to reply to those who comment on your digg or tweets. Try to create your own network to be known.

I agree with Joe. I launched a sports themed twitter page some time ago, and followed lots of people within that niche. I also interacted with them and posted regulalry. If you make your page updates interesting and informative, you will get a good response in return.

You should have to be an active user. Search for people related to your products or services that you are providing and follow them, then automatically they will follow you. And keep on posting everyday.

for twitter : you must be active user and follow other people

Before reading below, I would just like to say you that… NATURAL is the only way in which you can rule.

I would like to share some sites from which I still get at least 500 followers a day now. These sites are live and working till date.

Just remember the same old tactic, change your password before and after using this service to avoid the auto tweets from these source websites.

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As social media. getting friend is best idea, share with them , become best friend , last your friend will be follower. good luck

Its really simple and easy increase your followers for twitter and Digg. Just Search for peoples in your niche and follow them, they will follow you back and will be added in your followers. It is much more important to do it within your niche otherwise no one would check your link and the whole process will become useless.

Keep submitting new links and post on digg. Also make sure that you keep on following various people. To increase the following in twitter, one should make unique and attractive tweets that shall draw more followers.

i believe the solutions to this gray-haired question (originally posted in March 2011) have run their course.