How can you increase your twitter followers?


Without buying how can you increase your followers.Please explain in detail


I suppose the first thing to do is write things that will draw people back and they will recommend you to other users.


The challenge with twitter is you can only post a few words, so you have to be able to create value within those limitations. I don't have a Twitter account but I like the challenge


Start by following other people. But anyway it isn't an easy task.


Start following other people in related niche, obviously post as high quality content as you can, and optimize your Twitter description and name with keywords.

When someone will type a phrase in Twitter, you will show up if you have a phrase in your description or username so use that wisely.

Also, promote it on other social media accounts that you own. With time all of this will help you to get organic followers.



I agree with a lot of what's been said here, do start following people that are in your niche, and do make yourself an active part of the Twitter community.

A few tips:

  • Use hash-tags to give your tweet a topic, for instance say you're a plumber you could use hashtags for different jobs you've completed.
  • Depending on your location get involved in some of the local chats/hours
  • Tweet regularly but keep it relevant to your industry
  • Share a multitude of content so for example a standard tweet, a picture tweet, a tweet with a link and so on, vary it from day to day
  • Have fun with it, focus more on the quality of the twitter followers you have rather than quantity.

Hope this helps.


Also, try using the Buffer extension for Chrome. You can use it to schedule tweets at different times of the day (e.g. like when you're asleep), which will mean they're seen by a wider audience.

In fact Buffer is a great resource in general. For example, they make regular posts on this kind of topic (example), will send you a report card once a week showing how your tweets have done and offer reasonably in-depth analytics. This allows you to see what is / isn't working.

As far as I am aware, Buffer is also free.


Best thing to get followers is sharing content that catches attention.

3 things to do:
1) Share large, high quality image / video content
2) Add proper HASHTAG ( this increases your chances in search )
3) Follow relevant people , like / comment / retweet their good stuff.

It is all about helping people with what they crave for on social media.

I follow this strategy for an gift shop, and it works well. I hope what I said will work for you as well. Focus > Engage > Get followers


I would say depending on why you are building the audience the means to do it will vary. Easiest way to start is by following people who are involved in the activity you are interested in. This will allow you be on top of what is current and if you use it to re-tweet something funny/interesting you will catch the followers of that person. Post often and make sure to be current. Hope it helps.


The best way is to retweet on the relative tweets. This is an amazing way to get followers


I think that twitter followers need your activities. If you write some relevant articles or images its will be helped you get more followers


The most important tactics for me is to do twitting everyday. And re tweet them again.


you can increase twitter follower by following others.