Host blocking access via dedicated IP. are SE spiders affected too?

I’m moving my site to a new host. I know that many people claim that a dedicated IP gives you nothing when it comes to SEO but I’m not putting this subject up for debate. I paid for a dedicated ip, but my new host blocks direct access through it meaning if I enter the IP instead of the site URL i get nothing. They claim that Google’s crawlers aren’t affected by this block (as they use A records and not a web borwser - forgive my ignorance but I don’t really know what that means so I may have gotten the name wrong) and so the crawlers do see my site as one with a dedicated IP. Is that true?

if it is dedicated you have to assess it with the Ip, so what is the problem

A dedicated IP address is only required in order to be able to attach a separate security certificate. It serves no other purpose.

Things may be different once IPv6 is introduced but at the moment there are many web sites in existence for every possible IPv4 address so it isn’t possible to allocate any meaning to having a separate IP other than that it is needed because of attaching a security certificate or to waste one that someone else could have used to attach a security certificate.

Dedicated IP for SEO are being offered some of the hosting companies. I tried with this for some of my clients but it is useless. As per your post ,it should not affect the SEO but if at all if you have doubt change the hosting once again when you month is over. In SEO ,i have learnt one thing Never take a chance.

The one thing to remember with IPv4 is that there are not enough addresses for everything so lots of things MUST share an IP address simply because that’s the ONLY option. The IPv4 addresses are expected to completely run out later this year so that NO further addresses will be available at all until the internet converts to IPv6. Only after converting to IPv6 will there be enough addresses for everything (everyone will be able to have a few million IP addresses each) and only then will it make any sense at all for SEO to take IP address into account.

Taking IP address into account when there are not enough addresses would be equivalent to taking the colour of the car into account back in the days when the only common cars were Fords (eg Model A and Model T) where they were all black. They couldn’t really penalise you back then for having a black car and they can’t penalise shared IPv4 addresses now (unless everyone not living in Australia gets of the internet so that there are enough IP addresses to go around for all the people and sites in Australia) - perhaps an SEO penalty for sites not connected to Australia would be appropriate (it makes more sense than taking IP address into account when the typical site has no choice but to share the same address with a dozen or a few hundred other sites).