Changing Server & IP + SEO

Hey Guys - I need to upgrade my servers to a dedicated host and was wondering if changin my server ip address will affect my SEO rankings.

Can anyone recommend the best way to do this not to lose my SEO rankings.

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Moving to Dedicated Server with Dedicated IP , No need to worry about it., but if you move to shared-hosting and ip, that may concern from search engine, some ip address may cause penalty.

It doesn’t effect your website SEO or ranking… i’ve done the process earlier this summer and currently in the process of moving 10 websites to a new dedicated server.

Google, Yahoo, Bing doesn’t care about your IP addresses they care about your content.

Just try not to have any down time. If the search engines crawl your site and its not found they’re going to remove the site.

That’s right, it doesn’t matter which hosting you use, Google just wants to know what your page has to offer. And that holds true even if your website is a local business where you are targeting the local market, IP addresses and server hosts dont matter.

But I am not sure what happens in very tough competition between local businesses… maybe then hosting your website with a local hosting company may help you a bit (given all other factors are the same between you and the competitors), but otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it. Focus on content, backlinks and markup.