Effect of dedicated IP on SEO?

is that true that a site with unique dedicated IP has better seo than site hosted on shared plan, shared IP with some “1000++” other sites?

well at least on some webhosts who are trying to sell their dedicated IP claim that it is…

so is it just marketing gimmick or reality?


Since most web sites share IP addresses with other sites (since there are nowhere near enough to go around) it probably makes little if any difference for SEO.

What you do need a dedicated IP for is if you want to install a security certificate or have non-standard ports open.

well if it does make lots of different in SEO with dedicated IP, then i am willing to invest a bit more with my host plan.

since you just told that it “probably” makes little difference, then i probably can save a bit of my money

No difference if your web site on the dedicated IP or not… The content is the king for SEO

Well…I do not think shared IP or Dedicated IP make any difference in SEO but one thing related to IP is important in SEO is that many links form same IP address counted as a o more that single link so make sur while linking that your incoming links should be from unique IP.

What reason would there be for it making a difference? Sounds like rubbish to me.

you would like to consider the internal linking issue for the same IP from Google,
it’s a SEO matter.

A question that many seos ask.
The following was taken from the Matt cuts blog:

“Actually, Google handles virtually hosted domains and their links just the same as domains on unique IP addresses. If your ISP does virtual hosting correctly, you’ll never see a difference between the two cases. We do see a small percentage of ISPs every month that misconfigure their virtual hosting, which might account for this persistent misperception–thanks for giving me the chance to dispel a myth!”

Depends on your host but dedicated servers should result in faster page load times and could affect your bounce rate. Some customers may not wait for slow loading pages.

Think Google keeps track of page visits from search engines and time of visit… might affect SEO.

How? Whether you have a dedicated IIP or a shared one the time the pages take to load will be the same because it is dependent almost entirely on the size of the pages. Ther emay be a fraction of a microsecond difference in finding the domain in the first place but that would only save a person one second of their time across visiting a few million different sites.

Sorry if a silly question, as this protocol come from?

IP stands for Internet Protocol - it is the addressing system that the internet uses to identify which computer something is on.

Can you please share direct link to that post? I’d like to read more about it.

Well, it could be true if you’re hosting provider have a terrible uptime for example. Having your site hosted on dedicated server usually have better uptime, hardware, larger
bandwith, etc. Maybe it help as you know your site can be accessed anytime by crawlers.

How about bad neighbourhood? Also, I’ve been reading a lot directory owners use “hosted on unique C Class IP”, what is this?

The class of IP is related to the way the addressing system works, simply put IP addresses are split into groups (networks), and the class defines how many IPs are in this network

Again, has very little effect on anything in the real world, unless you happen to be a system admin responsible for servers :slight_smile:

No mention was made of using a dedicated server. Most dedicated IP address references refer to shared hosting accounts since if you have a dedicated server you don’t need to purchase a dedicated IP because you get one with the server. Anyway, dedicated servers do not necessarily have better uptime than shared servers.

The time to start building the site does not require a separate IP
the station has just started doing SEO in general traffic will not be very high, from a cost perspective does not require an independent IP, if the site bigger, and can be considered replaced by an independent IP

yes, when your system requirements grow to the point where you can no longer use shared hosting or you decide to add a store and need a security certificate or you implement software that needs to use ports not open on the shared IP.

Haha, that’s just what I thought. Dedicated IP is only for shared hosting, which I have recently purchased from GoDaddy for the purpose of SSL cert.

I second that dedicated servers not necessarily have better uptime, I have seen it happen - it depends where you host your dedicated servers, how you configure and manage it.

Here is the link: -

yes, obviously unique dedicated ip is benifit for SEO, but if you don’t have, please don’t lose heart, the yahoo ranking arithmetic seems to be focus on it.
In google, you also could get a good ranking via other SEO methods.