Website IP address affects in SEO


I have a few dating sites and male enhancement sites. I am wondering if I need to use each site for different IP address.

Does it affect in SEO to user different IP address for each site?

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Maybe Google will assume you own all sites on the same IP and if you interlink them, then maybe Google will then devalue your links because those “votes” are biased.

If you’re not interlinking those sites, I don’t think there’s an argument for using different IPs.

Unless you are in a bad link neighbourhood???

If you have interlinked the sites Google might give less value to them.

It depends of what kind of IP address you are talking. whether it is Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP? However, it is observed that Google would rather you not link to the same sites if they reside on the same C-class.

You can read more at:

Myth busting: virtual hosts vs. dedicated IP addresses

I agree with the above post. It may depend upon Class C Checker…