Help me Please , it's regarding Google Penguin Update

Recently THe Google Update has taken place and almost everyone of us would have heard about its consequences.
I wanted to know , is excessive directory submission (i.e. 50 Directory submission) harmful for the site’s health and Ranking in terms of Google’s point of view?

It’s unlikely that inbound links will do you any harm, because if they did then it would be trivially easy to hammer your competitors by setting up thousands of dodgy links to their sites. Google is too smart to be fooled by things like that. But having a high number of directory submissions is unlikely to do you any good either – Google probably won’t pay any attention to them (except DMoz) and the likelihood of any direct traffic from them is minimal.

Agree Stevie. Follow up Question. What’s more preferable directory listing, paid or free? (though i know that paid is more preferable, but i want to know if free is still great or not?)

I usually do a few directory submission when a launch to get spidered faster but they don’t do you any good in SERPS. Kind of useless after you initially get spidered.

[font=verdana]“Paid or free” is the wrong question to ask. A paid link must be marked as “nofollow”, so you definitely won’t get any googlejuice from it. On the other hand, as I said, a free link from a directory is unlikely to be worth anything much in the eyes of a search engine. So the only value to directory links is their potential to direct real people to your website. And whether a directory is paid or free doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on that. There are, I have no doubt, some directories out there that have a lot of traffic (at least in particular niches) and don’t charge anything for submission, and others that charge for entries and can’t back that up with traffic.

If you’re going down the route of directory submission, the only questions to consider is whether you are likely to get a lot of people for whom your site would be of interest seeing the link to your site, and how much control you have over the link in terms of placement, presentation, text and context.[/font]

Just as what Stevie said, if it were that easy to inflict harm on a website’s ranking, a lot of desperate link builders would already have built links on those peculiar looking sites directing to their competitor’s pages. If anyone’s actually thinking of this, I think it’s going to be a waste of time. You could have built better links to your site with that much time. Anyway, don’t be scared of the Penguin update. Just think of it as something that would make things better for the people online.

Stevie, were talking about inbound links only from submission directories or it applies for links that come other sources, like blogs or social bookmarking sites?

Any links. An unscrupulous site owner could easily get bad links pointing to his competitors’ sites from any of those.