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Does anyone know if the latest Google updates had any impact on listings in directories?

After panda and penguin algorithm updated, directory submissions are not very much important. You just want to use directory submission like Dmoz and yahoo business directory

[font=verdana]Apart from DMoz, Google has been paying less and less attention to directories for years, and the latest updates just continue that trend. After all, anyone can submit their site to directories, so all that having a directory listing tells Google is whether the site owner has submitted the site to a directory – it doesn’t often (or even ever) give any kind of useful information on content, context or quality.

Of course, you may find that – depending on your niche – you get enough real traffic from certain directories to make it worthwhile submitting to them, but that is a different question. You are certainly unlikely to see any benefit in search engines from them.[/font]

I think the deindexation of directories happened before the Penguin update. Not all of them, but a great number of them.

I don’t think its a great idea to use directory submission as one of the SEO strategies. Although it does help to an extent if you do the submissions in authentic directories. Google penguin update has brought down the directory submissions to some extent since google is penalizing sites which are getting links from low quality directories.

Getting links from directories is good practice for your site promotion. But do-follow directory submission is most powerful for getting back links from high page rank sites. So, submit your site in high page rank do-follow directories.

Apart from, as every post above yours says, the fact that directory submission is virtually useless for SEO these days, one thing that’s important to remember if you do insist on giving it a go is that PageRank is calculated by page, not by site. So a directory might have a homepage with PR5 but if your link is going to appear on a page with PR1 along with a thousand other links, how much do you think that is going to be worth? Not much. And the chances of finding this mythical beast, the directory site with dofollow links, high PageRank on all pages and a small number of links per page and one that will accept every one of your submissions are near enough nil. If such a thing did exist even briefly, it would be overrun with spam within an hour, and would cease to have the quality that it needed.

I have to agree with you on this.

I worked on a new website, it was a newly launched website so i did few in link building part only directory submissions and few article submission and after the recent google page rank update, google gave my website a page three page rank but there were no improvements in my serp’s and that continued. Now i am focusing on building more good and quality linking building.

Google has had a trend to reduce the influence of any link for a while, and Penguin was a big step in that. With all due respect, the fact that you ask this question shows your knowledge of seo is lower than my knowledge of CSS, and that isn’t much. If serp ranking is imporant to you, you really should upgrade your knowledge of it on the double. I highly recommend David Amersham’s seo site as a start.
Directory submission my be of negligible influence on your serp ranking, it is a good way of generating traffic, especially from specialist directories.

Some SEO expert sites say it is still relevant to add your site to big directories … even the infamous DMOZ. Did google’s panda or penguin update make it so directories are irrelevant now???

You can still do directory submissions after these major two updates but remember you should do directory listings only on those directories which are indexed by Google and avoid same ip address directories.

hello Stevie, suppose i have new website & looking for do directory submission… that what i have to be sure while doing directory submission.

i think few points might be useful to do directory after pengin & panda ( i might be wrong… plz correct me )

find out with name in google search engine.
see when last cache & pages.
see the url ( note like… web-design-company-directory-for-uk . co. uk )
see the ip address ( or the same site structure )
this kind of directory might be create problem

What you think Stevie D?

Directory submission doesn’t work anymore after the last Google Update. However, there are still a lot of techniques that you can use to promote you site. You can participate on a forum, blog commenting, guest posting, writing and posting quality contents.

Only do the MAJOR directories. Google has deindexed several directories and they’ve said more may come. Don’t use the lazy massive directory submissions services out there. Inspect the directories, choose the ones that provide an actual value to the visitor. Lastly, look for directories that actually MODERATE and MANUALLY APPROVE submissions.

Hey I didn’t find any website of David Amersham’s! Would you please help me regarding that!

Major directories are still worth your effort, most of them these days are business focused. Otherwise your time is best spent elsewhere.

After penguin update does, directory submissions through software like fast directory submitter make any sense or not?? I know manual submission are more beneficial but is there any % chance of using software for links?

I think The directory submission is useful still now. you need to do one thing and that is the key of safety from Panda/Penguin in all link building methods. you need to use unique Contents to your description field and need to change your title however possible.

Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I am glad you pay interest and suggest me something. i will definitely add some more unique content to my site. I think using very high PR SBM with many unique titles will also be helpful for me in that case. Isn’t it?

Adding your site to REAL directories is good, but adding it to linkfarm directories is just plainly pointless.