Graphic logo, icons, cartoons


I am interested to look for graphic logo, icons, cartoons, etc that can be free or low cost in a package.

Does anyone has any idea where I can find them?

Thanks! :wink:

Write " free graphics", “free icons” on google and you’ll find many

Ok. PM me so I can contact him to discuss. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I use for freelancers, logos etc usually come quite cheap.


I have done that and ended up most of them are charging and not a very good price for commercial use (free for personal).

Icons can be bought for a pretty good price from royalty free stock websites (same for graphics) but Logo’s you’re going to have a problem… MOST graphics producers charge a high fee for logo’s because their required to be unique as it’s a brand identity. If your logo is too close to another one you could end up with a lawsuit for infringing on intellectual property. Perhaps you don’t have much money or something but I would SERIOUSLY advise you against using free or those budget services for something as important as a logo. You want your logo to look professional for one thing (especially if you’re a commercial business), being a cheapskate or claiming what are largely appropriately priced goods and services as “not a good price” won’t do your reputation or business the slightest amount of good. I have friends who produce logo’s for a living and they are every bit as time consuming as creating a website (it takes a lot of work to come up with the kind of quality that most people would expect - not only in producing the image but the research and creativity that’s involved). Perhaps you just don’t see the value in something like an icon pack… but I would say $100 - $200 for a pack of 150 would be the average. Especially for commercial use where your making money off other peoples work! :slight_smile:

Yes, I do agreed that logo is a bit tricky if yours is similar to trademark. Well, if I am to have a logo, it will definitely not relating or infringing any trademark as basically I am looking at wording or cartoon sort of logo.

Anyway, thanks and I will continue searching.

Hire a Freelancer they normally work at cheap and affordable prices. i know a great graphic design freelancer if you want to contact him jsut pm me!