Where do get images and graphics for designing your site

Dear all,

When designing I normally use iStock or ShutterStock for finding graphics. There rates are very good, and the client never objects on purchasing them.

I recently came across DeviantArt, and even though many of the graphics are free for personal use for commercial use the designer charges, to some this price might be expensive.

Even though I can design icon-sets and graphics, I believe I am not as professional as some of the work I see online. I normally focus my time on designing a layout, in terms of usability, colouring and positioning of elements.

I was wondering were people get their custom made graphics, including backgrounds and icon-sets.

I have used Fiverr if you look through the feedback you can usually get some good graphic’s or photo editing pretty cheap.

I use Stock Photos & Vector Art : Bigstock - Royalty Free Stock Photography

I consistently use istock and [URL=“http://us.fotolia.com/”]fotolia.

I find fotolia has the most affordable subscription price when I need to download a ton of quality stuff.

Here are some of the most popular alternatives to istock:
Top 11 iStockphoto Alternatives | Stock Photos and Images

For icons i’m using axialis icon workshop it comes out with [URL=“http://www.axialis.com/objects/”]icon packs ( called image object packs ) which is useful & the price is quite cheap for such collection of icons.

I use Shutterstock Footage function similar to their image library, offering video clips by subscription or on a per-clip basis. It is in a variety of formats, including DVCAM, HDCAM and Betacam.

fiverr is the best place to look at.

i use istock or just make some edits with the photos i took

I use Free Royal Free Images, you can find a lot of quality resources in Google search.

I use Big Stock. They don’t have as much as the other leading sites IMO, but the prices aren’t that bad, especially if you buy a lot of credits.