Realistic price for custom icons

I’m creating a MMORPG, and I want some custom icons for it, like icons for the resources (food, gold, …).

i’m wondering what about 40 custom icons (one format) would cost me.
I was thinking of a budget of 500 euro, for all the icons. Is this realistic?

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Ow, BTW, if there is somebody here skilled in drafting icons, he may always contact me for a proposal.

Use the SP design contest service and you’ll find some good designers.

I will do that after I have an idea of the price of my request. I just want to inform myself of the normal hourrate in the industry.
I don’t want to set a 500 euro price on 99designs, to find out that nobody can help me, or that I only get bad work and be forced to pay for the bad work.
The problem with 99designs is that it is obligating, and I just want to explore the market.

Not sure if your still needing information concerning this, However, I know someone that is one of the best graphic artist i have seen. Her email is Email her with what you need and let her know “blue” sent you and she will give you great prices.

Still looking for information yes. Can nobody tell me the normal price of a custom icon? There have to graphical artists on this board?

I will contact the artist that you recommend Will.b. Thanks for the information.

Check out what they are going for here:

Checking it out. Do you think 20 euro each icon, for a total of 40 icons (800 euro) would be realistic?

Really you get what you pay for usually good graphic art people charge by the hour.

One icon could take 15min to make and another could take 1 hour, and it depends on what kind of detail you want someone can crank out some crude junk for cheap or you can have someone spend sometime and make some nice detailed stuff.

But to look for cheap on line you will probably just get someone to take your money and rape a clip art collection and give it to you. So then you just have a bunch of clip art that you don’t have the rights to=worthless.

I’m not looking specificly for cheap. I’m willingly to pay for quality, but I just don’t have any idea what kind of rates I will have to face.

If you are looking for a pro, the budget would need to start at at least 4X what you’re thinking:(

Little tiny things should have little tiny price tags, and I can understand the logic. But a well designed icon has to go through several steps to evolve into a set of professional interface components:

  1. Decide on the style for the whole project. These icons have to look like a set. That is one of the biggest challenges.

  2. They need to work well in the sizes needed and they need to often be simplified to do so. That requires a great deal of experience and experimentation and trial and error – even when a seasoned pro is working on the project.

  3. They need to be tested and reviewed by double blind (informal OK) to see if they are communicating well, and then adjusted until they communicate correctly

  4. They need to look good and complement the software or website look and feel

40 icons divided into 500 leaves 12.5 euros each. Each icon from start to finish may require from 2 to 4 hours each when all the piddling around, voting, presenting, conversion to final sizes, naming and delivery all goes down. So let’s average that to 3 hours. That’s asking a professional studio or designer to work for 4 Euros and hour.

Most people who haven’t done this before don’t understand the time, experience and special talent involved. A talented kid who has a computer is not experienced to deliver a finished set of icons without direct experience and know how.

Although not encouraging, I appreciate your posting and your honesty.
It was the kind of answer I was looking for.

I understand that even a small icon can cost a lot, although I’m afraid that I can’t pay 2000 euro on icons alone. I also need a design, and some drawings.

But it is good to know where I stand.


Happy to help. That’s what our company does, and I have been doing this type of design since dinosaurs roamed the earth with Fred Flintstone:) If you describe the entire project and your budget, it would make more sense. These days, quality shops are working on small budgets rather than no budget at all – my shop included. I don’t want to break the rules of the forum or I would offer to give you a quote from my shop:(