Fluctuating google earnings

I own couple social blogs

How to keep a constant earning instead like one day $80 and one day $30 lol…

How do keep a constant earnings with google and not fluctruate so much?

Our highest day was $150 a day but after that it went down to $50 a day…lol…

There simply is no way :slight_smile:

sometime $200 a day sometime $20 a day …=/

Is your traffic constant or low also on low earning days?

Google AdWords Ads compete with other advertising content so yes, you get payed for them as well

now it’s good now traffic is constant now,before traffic is going up and down that is why affect the earnings i guess.

average $180 a day now.

ok now it’s $123 lol

it seems down again,

do you guy know if it shows up the "$75 google free advertisign " do we get pay for that? it seems it shows that quite frequently. so i guess the earnings was down…

is your google earning down lately?


Advertisers run fairly complex campaigns these days and between budgets running out, site targeting, demographic targeting and day parting, there’s a lot more too it than just your traffic.

Definitely, but it’s mostly the easiest and most fitting explanation.

i feel the more US ,Ca, Uk european traffic they pay more.

I have a site with lot of international and don’t earn as much as from the top country source.

dude thats nice can u tell me wats ur site name

our google earnigns down from $200 to 140 any one experience this?

Keep in mind that adwords advertisers have budgets. Sometimes their money runs out. Changes in essence are most likely related to changes in available budget of the advertisers.

adsense always been like this since first week