Google and Alexa Rank


I have a question to ask about Alexa.. Do Alexa rank really counts, how do Google treat Alexa rank. What's the difference between AR - 1000 site and AR - 1,00,000 Site. I have a site with page rank 5 and Alexa rank 23,323, how does Google treat this website? Does it mean that a site with good Pr and bad Ar will not be counted by Google???:confused:

Alexa ranking doesn’t count for google, they are separate rankings. Alexa just tells you how much traffic your getting and how many people are visiting your site. The higher your pr in google the more likely you will get hits on your site and be able to out rank the other sites, but of course you must target the right keywords.

They are different indicators for different systems. But have seen they are very important ones for those who sell and buy web sites.

I have a new web page- I develop the site last 2,5 months. Our alexa rank is 1.102.468 and google page rank is 0, our web page is not even top 50 pages at google with relative keywords (it is optimized) while our competitors alexa ranking is far worse then our web page and they are at top ten at google rankings.
How long will it take to reach first page at google?
Could you please advise me in this matter?

Google and alexa rank both are different. Alexa is used only for checking traffic. There is not any relation between PR and alexa ranking. But if you have good alexa ranking it means your site is getting good traffic.

Google takes no notice of Alexa.

No one (or company) I know takes notice of Alexa (except Alexa).

Alexa rank is based purely on data collected by people who have the toolbar installed on their browser (and since 2008 from other “unknown” sources) - mostly in the American market. It is simply too skewed and unreliable as a proper metric. More information about how it measures can be found here.

This statement is partially correct, but not completely. Because data is collected primarily from toolbar users, you have to be careful about comparing different types of sites.

For instance, a site related to pigeon painting is unlikely to have as high a percentage of toolbar-using visitors as a site about traffic-boosting tactics.

However, two sites about traffic-boosting tactics are likely to have a similar percentage of toolbar-using visitors. Therefore, one can easily compare their Alexa rankings.

Furthermore, the Alexa ranking is a pretty good rough tool to decide if a site has enough traffic to be worth whatever you are interested in doing (offering a guest blog post, suggesting a link exchange, buying a banner ad, etc.) If the site ranks 2,000,000 it is unlikely to have huge streams of traffic, regardless of how good it is, its Google PageRank or its niche. On the other hand, if the site ranks in the top 20,000, you know that it has at least some decent traffic, regardless of how good it is, its Google PageRank or its niche.

Alexa gives a great snapshot to help do triage as to which websites among many you should invest the time taking a closer look.

Google has nothing to do with Alexa Ranking.
Google’s Page Rank is purely based upon the links. That’s it.

Alexa rank shows that a site is “alive” (though the number is not accurate - not all the users have alexa toolbar), and it has nothing to do with google ranking your site.

I steer clear of making those sorts of assumptions - however I see your point. I should have stated that there are much more reliable methods (e.g. than Alexa.

With security sites you would hope that the site would not get a good Alexa rank since if it did it would indicate that people are not reading the page on the site about not providing Alexa with a history of all the sites you visit.

alexa is not accurate… they just show an estimate results… just like a survey… google don’t frown on it since it don’t violate google’s guidelines…

Alexa is accurate. They provide an exact rating order of which sites are the most popular for those people using their toolbar. Those not using their toolbar are ignored since the rating is specifically limited to those using the Alexa toolbar.

The easiest way to get excluded from their count is to run any sort of security software on your computer as most identify the toolbar as spyware and delete it. So you might say that the results are the most popular sites visited by people looking to have their computers filled with spyware, spam and viruses.

A poor rating means you don’t have many stupid or ignorant visitors. It says nothing about how many intelligent visitors you get.