What is your alexa.com traffic rank?

I guess many of webhostingtalk users has a website. So I would like to ask what is your traffic rank in alexa.com … does it play a role? And what is your desired rank there?
As for me I would like to achieve > 100 000 :smiley:

Forget about alexa rank, its pointless.

The question was not about the using alexa for SEO. I just wonder about the rank of other website owners!
So my is 842 766 … what is yours?

Not sure how important Alexa rank is,
My, coursesweb.net is a poor 96 057

Do you call it poor? ))) I would be happy if I had such rank )! How many visitors do you have a day?

iam 11.182.125 long journey , how to increase traffic? its impact alexa wit high traffik?

Around 200.000,but alexa rank is a measure of visitors and page views,if I know good.

Is that 100,000 globally or locally?

Wow you’re all doing good, mine it’s just 500.000 !!! so far

It’s very inaccurate, not that it’s a surprise to anyone but the ranks of some of my sites illustrate it well:

Site #1 - Alexa rank 38k - 300 daily visits
Site #2 - Alexa rank 197k - 500 daily visits
Site #3 - Alexa rank 2M - 1,000 daily visits

Shouldn’t it be backwards?

Anyway, the only thing it indicates if there’s traffic at all, I’ve no sites that would have an Alexa rank but no traffic. And it is possible to compare sites that are very related. SO it’s not entirely useless.

All of you do well .My website PR is just 3.There are not so many visitor per day .It is a new one ,I need work more hard to do it .

Hey guys , Alexa provide the all information about the site by their keywords, category , or country. Alexa also provide the information that how many visitor visit to the particular site .

Well this is my global rank and there is a long way to achieve my goal … and I don’t have a lot of visitors yet (

My website’s alexa rank is near 1 lac 40 thousand. And its still fluctuated day by day.

My website Alexa rank is very high 3,740,207. Alexa rank has nothing to do with Google rankings. You should concentrate on making quality backlinks from high PR websites and you will be all good.

i am sure about alexa rank. my site is about 4,515,xxx it quite so far away from visitors, it still very hard work need. where i should has find good back link ??

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Please note everyone: this thread isn’t an invitation to post links to your site. :slight_smile:

Alexa rank of my website is about 2m, still working on it. Does Alexa ranking really means nothing ? Who can tell me the significance of the ranking ?

Figuring out your alexa rank doesn’t matter. What matters is google putting you up to the top.

Mine is really horrible - 4,862,011 - I really need to do something about it??