My site rank within alexa remains the same;

My site rank within alexa remains the same; this is since its very start? our Google pr is rising, but alexa is not even shows backlinks/ any advice, please?

Alexa rank is a function of how many people with the Alexa Toolbar installed visit your site. That’s all it is and all it means.

Thanks. I shall take note of that

Yeah, don’t worry about Alexa, it’s too susceptible to skew to be an accurate indicator of anything.

There is no benefit you can get. It only shows your site’s rank or popularity based on the traffic generated by your website. That is very useful if you are monetizing your blog because you have something to show that you a lot visitors.

For improving alexa you need to build up backlink.That’s effect your alexa as well as PR so improving your link

Alexa rank is based on visits from computers with the Alexa toolbar installed, not backlinks.

Alexa must be seen as a very basic indicator and nothing else if you wanta accurate indicator of visitors i use awstats.

If your pr is rising and your alexa isn’t don’t worry about it. just keep doing what you are doing. Alexa is only important to some people but pr is important to all people. alexa only updates links quarterly so don’t worry if it says you still have the same amount as when you started.

PR is only important to people easily distracted from their real goals for their websites.

PR isn’t traffic, PR isn’t sales, PR isn’t signups, PR isn’t ad impressions, PR isn’t money. PR is just a little green line.

PR or Alexa rank is not the important aspect …it is traffic…traffic… traffic…There are millions of internet users who don’t use Alexa toolbar. So it really doesn’t matter. Are you getting hits or pageviews? That should be your concern.
More traffic lead to more percentage of conversion…whether it be ads or sales from your site. So try focusing on bringing in traffic…
And it doesn’t hurt to have good Alexa rank and High PR. All the best!

Alexxa doesnt mean much, you can get it down very fast by installing the toolbar in your web broswer.

stay away from Alexage, they a fraud. Just read this gem of a lie on their website:

Take advantage of the relationship between Google and Alexa. Alexa rankings have a major impact on Google search results; the lower the Alexa ranking, the higher your site would appear on Google search results.

Only 1 simple advice!

Stop worrying about Alexa because its not an industry standard and does not covers the global web based users. Its only effective for people who have installed the toolbar. Have you?

When I have no other ideas how to evaluate a site I look at Alexa. Alexa is the last on my list.

Alexa ranking is not that much important . Alexa ranking should be always low as the lower alexa rate indicates the higher visibility of the website.

lets play “spot the contradiction”

Alexa isn’t too big of a deal, I agree, but it definitely can help establish your site as a trustworthy site. There is actually a service out there that you can pay for monthly to have your site consistently be in top 100,000, top 50,000, top 25,000 and even top 10,000 - so it does carry some weight. Definitely not something I would worry about though.

I notice when I add content to my site I usually go up in Alexa.

Alexa ranking need not to be considered as an important factor. It is mainly based on traffic. Alexa ranking improves if people visiting your site has alexa tool bar installed in their browser. Alexa calculates rank by considering the data from tool bar and merges some other data in calculating the alexa ranking.

Oh me, what do you put so much into Alexa?? I use WP and block Alexa!