What is alexa rank

Hey friends i want to know some for informations about ALEXA RANK…Please help me to know.

The Alexa rank is a ranking system calculated using the Alexa toolbar. Alexa takes the browsing data from the millions of people using this toolbar and calculates the traffic ranking of each site based on reach and page views. Low traffic sites are harder to gauge accurately, but once a site reaches a 100,000 or less ranking the accuracy of the measure increases. Hence the lower your Alexa rank, the credibility of that ranking is increased. Whether you value your Alexa traffic ranking or not, there are definite advantages to having a high Alexa rank. The Alexa ranking is viewed as a reasonable representation of a site’s traffic and authority.

Once upon a time Alexa was considered a standard in site measurement from their toolbar site stat. The days of people installing toolbars have disappeared and Alexa has moved broader but their accuracy has never been particularly trusted and with the growth of other measurement services, they’ve become less and less utilized. You’ll find mentions of Alexa rank in selling and buying sites “in the trenches” but it’s rarely brought up as a credible source in the broader marketing community.

More excepted [although still less than accurate especially for smaller sites] tools these days include compete.com, comscore [paid only], hitwise [paid only].

I agree, they are not very accurate right now and many sites that looks “small” are actually quite big.

Alexa means - add quality content in your site: provide useful information in your site: provide information in your site which visitors of your site expect to find. In this way, you will be able to increase your site’s overall ranking in Search Engines: now your site will get more and more traffic: As the traffic to your site increases, your Alexa Ranking will increase too: by the way, what benefit are you expecting from a better Alexa Ranking.

Alexa is stats measurement site and telling you about your web ranking globally and country to country.

The basic answer of what Alexa does has been posted from a few different approaches. If you’d like to chime in about how the rankings are used, your positive or negative experiences please do so but answers that simply state the function at this point are not adding to the conversation and will be removed.

Thanks for your understanding.

Alexa Rank is a related dimension on how popular a site among the Internet. It is calculated considering how many alexa toolbar users visited a particular site and how many separate pages they are viewed in that site over a period of more than 2 months.