Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank of my website is rapidly increasing :frowning: How can I decrease the Alexa rank? Does Alexa rank affect the page rank of a website? Kindly help


I don’t think Alexa ranking affect a website’s PR that much. Maybe half of it. Since Alexa can only collect information on users if they installed the Alexa toolbar.

Alexa rank doesn’t matter much but if you want to decrease your alexa rank then you have to increase and build your site traffic.

Alexa rank is an important SEO factor. Decrease in alexa rank of any site is good sign and it can help in getting good rankings and results, and increase will affect your rankings in a negative way. You should do more off page activities and link building techniques for your website to bring down the alexa rank. You can do social bookmarking submissions, blog commenting, forum posting, aritcle submission and many other activities. Once your backlinks get crawled than you will see decrease in alexa rank of your website.

Alexa Rank is calculated based on your website popularity in local, global, your average daily visitors and average page views.

Some known points to increase your alexa rank:
installing alexa toolbar in your browser.
Posting reviews & ratings on your alexa page
Improve visitors or Quality visitors
Social sharing
Write quality content
Use both seo, ppc techniques to drive traffic.

Although Alexa is a flawed metric (based only on visitors who have their toolbar/widgets installed), it may still be a web metric that indeed does affect website rankings and PR. This is because Alexa has someone come to be known as an authority site, especially in the Internet marketing industry. Again, it’s is a flawed biased metric no dount, but if you are dead set on improving your Alexa rank then you might try doing some of the following:

  • install Alexa widgets on your site (even the review widget will be fine)

  • install Alexa toolbar (and for best results visit your site with different IPs)

  • Join networks where people have Alexa toolbars installed (yes they do exist)

  • Pay for Alexa traffic (I wouldn’t bother but you can if you want)

Keep in mind that no matter what you do to improve your Alexa ranking, it will only be based on stats over a 3-month period of time. Therefore, you will have to keep repeating Alexa boosting methods every few months if you want to keep your Alexa ranking on top.

I think alexa rank not important for my blog but Backlink pagerank is very important.

Alexa rank does not affect the page rank of a site. Alexa rank depend on visitors. If visitor will increase then Alaexa rank will decrease. But PR depends on back links. How many sites are linked to your site.