How does Alexa ranking work

Does Alexa rank your site according to category or does it rank all sites on the Internet?

I just saw something strange.
One of my sites receives about 40,000 visits per month and has a Alexa ranking of 218,524. This one is a forum for Toyota Hilux vehicles
Another one of my sites only receives about 4,300 visits per month but has an alexa ranking of 243,605 . This one is a free classifieds site

Then my blog web site gets about 10,000 visits per month and its Alexa ranking is 632,463.

The numbers just do not add up. How can the site with 4,300 have a higher traffic rank than the one with 10,000 visits?

Alexa rank is based on website usage data collected by computers with the Alexa Toolbar installed in their browsers. That sample, along with user profiling, is used to do some statistical extrapolation to what each site’s estimated total traffic would be.

Outside of the top 20,000 websites or so, you’re looking at a pretty large margin of error due to the limited data available. There just aren’t enough people with the toolbar visiting your sites for it to get it right.

Thank you, now it make sense. I always wondered how they know what my sites’ stats were.

So in fact the Alexa ranking is not an accurate way of measuring a site’s traffic at all. It rather shows a profile of their users but not of my sites.

How does Alexa ranking work
Its doesn’t work!

It is reasonably accurate provided that there are enough of your visitors who have the toolbar installed. There are only a few thousand sites where enough visitors have the toolbar installed to get any sort of accuracy since there are only a few sites where the 0.0001% of visitors who have the toolbar installed amount to more than a handful of visitors a day (if that).

alexa ranking is meaningless

Alexa ranking may worth for the people those rely on its stats to decide if a site is worth for buying or for advertisement?

You just get a half dozen friends to install the Alexa toolbar and visit the page several times a day and that will soon boost the page well up into the top 100,000. If you have a couple of dozen friends then a top 50,000 spot should be easily achievable. If you are going to base your decision on whether a site is worth buying or advertising on then you need to ignore any sites outside the top 5,000 as once you get past that the manipulations of the result by the owner and their friends can be significant.

Alexa ranking is just a gauge and should not be taken fully. How you get Alexa Ranking stats is based on the visitors having Alexa toolbar plugins installed on their browser, namely firefox.

The Alexa ranking only takes into account, the data that web surfers with the toolbar installed are submitting. In other words, I don’t have the toolbar installed, so my surfing habits are not submitted to Alexa. At least I think they are not.

no its not… it just a fancy number.

I remember years ago when I installed the Alexa toolbar it set my anti-virus software off screaming because it detected it as some sort of malware - I presume that’s something the Alexa people have sorted out now

A lot of adware scanners still flag Alexa, especially their cookies.

Alexa can’t dictate other companies’ products.

And AdWare/Spyware/AV scanners sell by detecting stuff. They make people feel better by “cleaning” totally innocuous things like browser cookies.

what i s the alexa conting, i very new in to this and i hope i don`t bother you whit my question. I only asking because i want to learn about internet marketing.

From what I understand, it takes the data from all the installed Alexa toolbars. And now for a great tip to boosting your Alexa ranking that I learned from Yaro Starak.

At the bottom of my blog’s sidebar, I’ve installed an Alexa plugin which keeps track of my Alexa Rank. Since installing the plugin, my Alexa rank has improved by about 30% One probable explanation is that getting continual requests from my domain b/c of the plugin helps to improve my raking. It takes a second to install and is definitely worth it.

That has been shown many timee to NOT help the ALexa ranking. Look for another reason for the change in your stats.