Google analytics and separate adwords campaign

I manage a website for a client. This includes checking google analytics.

For bizarre political reasons, the client is running an adwords campaign with another company, who refuse to integrate it with my analytics setup.

I have looked at their last 30 day report and i just can’t tie it up with the figures i am seeing.

If the campaign is not linked, would click-thrus from ads show up as organic searches? Or should I be seeing an adwords referral? Or will they just not show up at all ??

Any advice appreciated…

Can anybody offer any advice??

I am not a GA expert, but from my experience, if the two accounts are not connected then you get clicks from Adwords they will fall into google/organic.
The same with when you analyse keywords - they show all the keywords which brought you traffic in one list independently on if it’s from organic search or from Adwords campaign.

Thanks for the reply.

I did a few tests, and that does seem to be the case.

Doesn’t explain their claim of twice as many click-thrus on the ad campaign as I’m seeing from organic search!