Help needed with some google analytics terms

I have a few queries on some things analytics is telling me. Hoping someone can help me out.

Looking at Traffic Sources we have had some referrals from I thought this must be to do with our adwords, but the landing page (the same for every referral) is not the one used in our campaigns. Can anyone explain please?

Looking at Traffic Sources-Keywords, one of our keywords is listed as (content targeting). Most of those landing pages tie in with our adwords campaigns, but a few don’t. What is content targeting ??

Analytics reports my number of visits from CPC higher than my adwords campaign shows for the same period - only by a few, but I wondered, why the difference?

How many clicks are you talking about here? A few or hundreds?

Are you using ebay for anything? Do you have affiliates using it?

Content Targetting is the google content network, you can turn this off if you like.

There are re-clicks which Google may remove on your charge side. In analytics no two systems ever sync exactly.

Thanks for the help.

No, we’re not even registered with ebay and we don’t have any affiliates. The referrals start just over a month ago, and there a just few every couple of days since then.

Would an ebaydesc referral usually mean its from within an ebay ad? or would a sponsored link show up like that too?

I assume adwords can’t ‘adjust’ your landing page? so is it possible analytics is reporting it wrongly?

not many - 46 since july 26 to be exact.

Just noticed, when i drill into the referral site, the referring path is /ws/eBayISAPI.dll

It could be possible that people are using images from your site or links to your site in descriptions of products they’re selling that may be relative to your website.

After looking at it again, I believe it stands for VIdeo (vi.) EbayDescription (ebaydesc), but I could be wrong. It’s possible that Ebay uses adwords in their videos, but I’m not positive.