Mysterious Adwords Campaign


One of my sites is receiving traffic from an Adwords campaign that is not run by me (oh please make it stop :D). Is there a way to find information about this campaign other than randomly guessing keywords to search for and seeing whether my site shows up?


Strange, the only way I thought Analyics knows that traffic is from a PPC campaign is if the campaign has been linked on purpose. I’ve had the opposite problem a couple of times where I forgot to link an account and the PPC traffic didn’t show up in the Analytics.

What makes you think it’s PPC traffic?

Exactly! I bought an expiring domain a few months ago and the previous owner is still running a campaign directing traffic to it. I’m just curious to know something about the campaign’s keywords, ad copy etc.

I’m happy for them to run it just a little longer :smiley:

Thanks to Luke Moulton, I’ve discovered Key Compete, which seems to do the job. Investigating that now.

Yeah I’ve seen that, what’s it like?

It’s suggesting some misspelled keywords, but I think the Adwords is targeting a non-UK region because I can’t see my site when I search for them.

I’m guessing those are the targeted phrases though, because when I turn it around and use Key Compete to query those keywords, it returns my site and a few others.