Google analytics

I have google analytics set up for my site and I am also running an adwords campaign for the same site. I have been getting steadily more and more visitors according to my stats pages (awstats) and adwords campaign. My analytics page shows that I have not had any visitors at all! I claims to be recieving data but it is showing nothing at all. Does any one know if this is a common situation or have I got a set up problem.

Looks like you have code in there now. Is data showing up?

Well I went through the set up procedure and have been recieving figures until recently. Maybe I have made some change that has removed the analytics code. I will check - thanks for taking the time to look.

I had seemed to have removed it somehow but it is back now. Thanks again fellas.

You should integrate Google Analytics code to your site pages.

Google Analytics Installation Guide:

Also, you can install Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking.

if you’re talking about the site in your signature, then I’m afraid I don’t see the Google Analytics code anywhere there. There should be plenty of documentation available that tells you where and how to do that.