AdWords and Google Analytics data is not matching up correctly

AdWords said I had a total of 12 clicks yesterday.

Google Analytics said I had 22 visits from my AdWords campaigns.

Shouldn’t these be matching up exactly?

Hello Friend, there is difference between the concept of clicks and visits, it is not necessary that the number of clicks is similar to number of visits, maybe the visitors comes in your site via the ad-words campaign and navigate other links of the site as well, but the source is the Ad-word Campaign, so don’t take stress, it can vary.

That’s actually what I was assuming; just wanted to confirm my suspicion.

If you want some detailed reports then connect your webmaster account with Google analytic account… You will get much more details…

The Same Problem Occurred With me to Adwords was showing that I received 3 leads but in google analytics I can see any goal completed which I have set as Thank You Page. Dont know why it happens. Can any one please suggest me any solution in Detail?