Getting Potential Clients Through Facebook and Twitter

Hey i haven’t been using social media sites for while now but one thing i am learning is how to get new clients in my own area through social media sites Facebook and Twitter. I hear a good way is to log onto facebook and do a search for someone who is a guru in their niche market and check the people who “Liked” that person or brand, then send these people a message regarding your web design/graphic design services. But as a web designer how are you supposed to find yourtarget market? Also i don’t really know what to send potential clients as i’m sure they already get alot of spam and emails from businesses all the time. I want to be able to increase my facebook likes and Twitter followers but i am not sure where to begin?

Can you please explain in details what i can do to to get more clients in my area using facebook and twitter?


I already have a fan page set up a while now I have already invited all of my friends and have totalled over 100 likes so farb ut what i want to do is find businesses within my local area who are also on facebook or business in the UK,US or ireland. At the moment i’m only interested in smaller businesses so would be great to get a few extra clients through twitter and facebook. What is a great way to contact small businesses so that i can offer them my services. I want to be a solid long term business relationship with my clients so need as much help on this topic as possible.

Sending unsolicited messages on Facebook is just as much spam as sending unsolicited emails and a good way to get your account revoked. As far as how to increase your Facebook/Twitter likes and followers, there are already several threads discussing or that have discussed that issue. Please take the time to do a search and read through them.

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Give facebook ads a test. Even link building ads. You can get specific to your target audience.

Why don’t you just try talking to people in your industry? Get to know them. Befriend them. Build a relationship with them. Ask them random questions about life, preferably from information that they put on in their profile pages. Then after they trust you, ask them to visit your site where then give them something for free and then make the sale later. I think this is a good way to go when you’re trying to get potential clients from Facebook and Twitter, rather than just to cold sale them from the beginning.

I agree. Sending out messages is just as bad as spammy emails. I would suggest making a fan page and a twitter account and encouraging your current clients to “like” you and follow you on twitter. You can gain rapport with them that way. As for getting new clients, you could get into Facebook ads but, the best way to do it is going to be through tried and true marketing.

Facebook ads are great. Very similar to AdSense with lots of flexibility to reach varying markets, regions, etc. not too expensive either

To get potential clients Through Facebook, According to me creating a business Fan page works actually. Try to create awareness about your product/services through sharing interesting Videos, images and useful content will get you more people to like your age. You can share latest events in your organization, any industry changes, awards you received etc. This way you can attract huge mass of people and they can become your potential customers too.

I am also just learning to do so .For business ,a facebook fan page is necessary .I just try to add more and more friends as others teach me.It seems a direct way to do .

also you should try spending a few dollars on fb ads too, see the results

Try connecting with a group that concentrates on web and graphic design. The people you interact with there may be able to help you find the people that require your services. On Facebook, all you need to do is search for your line of business, and some groups will show. On Twitter, you can take advantage of the hash tags that some people use to be seen.

The problem there is that those who are involved in web and graphic design groups are generally your competitors, not your prospects. Instead, look for the markets you target with your business and join those groups. For instance, one developer I know targets industrial markets… cars, construction, heavy equipment, etc. If you want to get your business off to a good start, look for a market that interests you and join some of those groups. It will be easy to become a visible and active member, which is what it takes to get your business (and social media following) moving.

Knox, totally agreed with your point. Plus, you can join professional groups and pages as many as you can and interact with all the people. After a particular time, ask them to promote you. Follow tweeter users, converse with them and retweet their tweets .

Oh, that’s an even better way of looking at things. Thanks for the advice, Linda!

Join related groups and be active, much easier to find friends like that, and then get them to join your fanpage. The problem with facebook is it’s more focused on people you know then you meeting new people, Google+ isn’t though. so I suggest using google+ as well.

Sorry, but that’s ridiculous. I have met dozens of new people on Facebook and several of them have become very good friends. It’s all in what you do and how you use Facebook. If you use it just to talk to local friends and family, of course you won’t meet anyone new, but if you are looking for new friends, they are generally pretty easy to find.

Facebook is also a great tool to use to stay connected to old clients, keep them updated on what is going on with your company and/or new services or deals you are providing.

yup! those two facebook and twitter is the way to promote any business/services brand online. You must success when you’re participating positively to interact with other’s, join group., create groups, twitt and retwitt etc…

It’s true that sending unsolicited emails and messages would do nothing but irk people and have you banned and unwelcome from facebook. Since you would want to increase traffic on your site without being too pushy you should work on consistently adding good content that would attract people each day and keep things fresh.

For me, the best way to earn and earn more on social media with facebook is through the use of CPM marketing strategy.