Getting Potential Clients Through Facebook and Twitter

And how does that relate to the topic at hand?

Ted S
And how does that relate to the topic at hand?

I thought this thread was about how to get potential clients through Facebook and Twitter?

As I have learned. Forgive me if this is obsolete…

Facebook fan pages: best way to get more traffic and clients is doing Cost Per Mille (CPM) advertisements on other popular pages.
Add an auto like to post app to get likes faster.
Create a Gig on Facebook to add more audiences like giving away items for a random people who likes this and that.
And Basically market your product on facebook.

Twitter: Follow popular people to get also followers.
Post tweets without links first because followers dont wanna follow tweeters who are marketing…

The hard part of marketing on Social Media is the Branding phase where we have to get audiences and followers. I think this is the hardest part. You may not want to market your niche on an empty audience…

Now that’s a much more insightful answer! Detail always helps…

That said your Facebook tactics sound a lot more like traditional marketing rather than anything social. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as they have an audience and their ad buys can be highly effective… it’s just a matter of what you believe will work best. Of course for many it’s driving exposure to an engagement related destination rather than just a buy now / lead capture / call us page.

Thanks. What i really posted is the traditional way. Hate to say this but blackhat strategy on Social Media Marketing Works well and its very Effective, and I myself is using blackhat. Blackhat = 1000 not blackhat. But using blackhat applying it to be white hat is worth the Best of all…

I wouldn’t call advertising a site on a social platform blackhat, if anything it’s an effective place to get your ad seen. It’s just not engaging. But it can get people to an engaging place… if that’s your goal.

You Surely got what I mean Ted.

Set your target audience by adding friends and posting on their walls. Also, make a gig or a contest. The first 100 likes will get a free entrance to … or Like our page or follow us and get a chance to win a new iPad 3 :slight_smile:

So then you have 100 people who like free iPads. What does that accomplish? Unless of course your business model is to keep giving away iPads.

You can get potential clients through facebook by advertising on facebook and creating your facebookpage, you will get targeted clients.Regarding you should tweet something unique which is beneficial for searchers and your followers then they will become your customers.

Besides Ted’s point, wouldn’t this actually hurt your business rather than give you more customers? Okay, I know this is coming from some sort of a pessimistic stand point, but there are people out there who will just join that “first 100 likes” contest just for the sake of the stuff that you give and never return again. If you’re giving discounts, there’s a chance that they’ll avail your products and never buy from you again once the discounts are gone.

“Sending unsolicited messages on Facebook is just as much spam as sending unsolicited emails and a good way to get your account revoked.”

I agree, there are so many person do this kind of strategy that really makes the normal using of Facebook get rid. Facebook is a way to connect for the person you know, If you wish to be known in facebook, why not trying the Facebook advertisements? It much more helpful than sending lots of e-mails.

I think what Steven meant is this trick can build public awareness about products or services or company that relatively new. It’s only just to let people know, they may interested in your products or not. But personally I hate when some company posting/advertise on my wall, I’ll delete it quickly.

You can promote some of your products in twitter or facebook by offering some of them for FREE for a limited time.
Recently, we try to get some clients by offering free <snip>personalized twitter backgrounds. Just one way of attracting (at the same time promoting brand name) clients.

Of course, just make sure that you can handle what you offer or else it will negatively affect your business :slight_smile:

You can promote your businesses and services in leading social media sites. It is fine. But, I think one should know how to do that to get a large number of traffic and potential clients. I think if you have a proper social media marketing strategy, it will be easier for you to use Facebook, Twitter or any other social media sites as platforms for online business promotion.

Yes, that would do also. You could also create a fan page and let your friends like it, those who liked your page can view your updates and services.

Some other says that the Social Media Marketing Strategies makes the Facebook environment get spammed? Can you prove to me that this thought was wrong? Thanks.

You can suggest your clients to follow you on twitter and facebook for updates, offers.
They could retweet, repost and their partners can get to you.

You’ll want to open a new thread and provide more information to get responses to your question.

In my point of view social media sites should be used for making branding of the company and engaging with the people! If maintaining the social media accounts has been done by having the main goal of getting clients, the chances of ruining the status in front of people may increase hence make sure to maintain and grow the image!!

I’ve read an article yesterday that u should always post different articles of different social media sites because if u duplicate ur pages people need only to follow one of them.