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Hi All,

I run a website; <snip>
and want to get things moving in social media, on Facebook we’ve got over 3,000 followers, who we believe are just our site’s users, we’ve got some engagement going on there (but limited), I’m trying to get more active there and will hopefully begin to see some effect soon enough.
But my main concern is Twitter, in the past we had someone ‘help’ us with Twitter, basically they followed everyone who had anything to do with our market (bargain finding and money saving) and by following 1500 people we got 500 followers or so! This all just seems really fake and pointless, so I’ve started off by un-following everyone who wasn’t following us, I was tempted to unfollow the lot of them! But I can’t be sure if some of them are genuine fans or what! What I’m unsure of is, how do we go about getting the initial followers to interact with? Once we have real people following and interested, I’m guessing the interaction is what brings in more people (as their followers see us interacting).
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


only the best option you have is to post some very good interesting stuff in twitter for few days then u will get automatically real followers about your updates

  1. Follow only 2 relevant people per day
  2. Make 2 or 3 to retweet for people who are following by you.
  3. Sharing some interesting and relevant story.

Try this method for 1 month and See the result

Okay, that sounds a reasonable start DavisJoseph, but where do new followers who are real humans appear from? :S That’s the main thing I’m struggling to understand.

Start by finding following the people you know on the web. I started by following a lot of SitePoint friends. Also follow offline friends, linked-in contacts, etc. If you post content that they like, they will comment and retweet it or share it on Facebook. You’ll be notified of those who have retweeted, shared, or commented on your content. It is those people that you may wish to follow. Both twitter and facebook also post suggestions of people to follow or “friend”. If you take those suggestions, make sure that you retweet, share, comment on their posts so that they see you are a human and their fans will also see your activity. That’s how you go viral.

You have to do proper assessment to get willing followers,guide an interesting theme,implement your strategies and at last monitor,measure & get momentum. Hope you will get good results.

I guess you really have to engage your users in some way. Maybe offer them some prizes for posts or something that will compel them to do more than just follow or like a page.

But to what result? Does liking your contest provide any value or meaningful connection?

Social Media is nowadays a popular activity among internet marketers.It has to with the latest boom in internet marketing and the most important is that people are getting benefited by it.Anyway, I am a new user here.I look forward to share my ideas and thoughts with you guys in future.


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Hello to everyone here!
As far as social media is concerned, yes, it is basically all about building social networks and followers on Facebook and Twitter respectively but as I read your thread you are not sure about to whom to follow or what people to add to your network. This is a common thing people who are using these social networking sites don’t know where to go? I think you should first define your target audience as your field of interest and add or build network according to that.

i read in different thread her and i tested it…its nice…thumbs up and this can be used to do easy posting on linkedin, twitter and facebook

By following the related people and appreciating their tweets or facebook posts/links helps to gain more social followers.

Following people in your industry or related field is certainly a valid tactics. How else are you going to engage with people about your industry? Social media is not a 1 way broadcast tool and don’t think that your message is so important that you don’t need to follow people back.

Respond to other people and build a conversation, other people will join if it’s of value.

share the news related to your website and increase the followers and friend to subscribes to you.

-You can Follow it only 2 to 3 people per day and most followers is relevant.
-Tweet 4 to 5 times with easily user understanding language.
-Retweet 4 to 5 times of relevant of your site and interesting of your followers.
-Make fan page with attractive image with catchy title and Description
-Share with all and get more like with your friends. But first grow your group is important.

I think IMAGES would be a big key to getting engagement via Twitter. Create a Pinterest account and Instagram and then start posting tweets with links to those sources and then back in forth. The trick is to get more people to ‘view’ the images by created an attractive or interesting tweet like "here is an image of what just happened to my tire after a nail… [image link]. This is something that started to work well for me with a car site I run. People love eye candy and it can be incorporated into twitter and facebook. Thing is, the once that engage on the image posts and tweets will be your main followers and not just the supposed “purchased LIKES” or purchased “followers”.

Also, start to follow just about everyone on your suggested follow list on twitter. Then make sure you follow back new followers that you are not following. Trust me, this type of stuff spreads fast and you will have a few hundred new followers in just a few weeks.

I think the ball is in ur hands when it comes to initial interaction. Getting them involved is a good way to build a good relationship with ur followers and therefore finding prospect clients. Social media is all about interaction and is a powerful way to promote anything. :slight_smile:

Try to target your social media followers.

Ex: If you have a website about movies, follow popular movies related Twittermen. They will follow you back and now their followers can easily find you.

This has helped me to get a lot of targeted followers and both Facebook and Twitter.

Hope it works for you too,

However, if you are a writer, joining writer groups and following other writers isn’t going to improve your business. I read a lot of writing and technical blogs, but I’m not going to hire any of them to write for me and I don’t necessarily want to share their knowledge with my potential customers until they are my real customers. What do you enjoy writing about and who is your audience? Where have you achieved the most success? That is the group of people you want to follow, “share” or retweet to cater to their interests.

If your business is helping shoppers find bargains, be a bargain hunter and share that information with your potential customers. That’s the way to show your customer base that you know your business, gain followers in your niche, and direct them to your website.