Free tool for logo

Please guide me as to whether to find or get a tool or which is the tool which helps to make free logo or header for blog to be started.

Gimp (for raster graphics) and [URL=“”]Inkscape (for vector graphics) are some good applications, and free.

Plender will help you to make 3d logos. I think it is free.

@ indiadesign, Did you mean the free Blender? That is a very potent 3D software running on Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux.

But I think the above suggested Incscape is the more easy to learn and it saves in a vector image format, suitable for logos.

no tools unfortunately…!! but u can use your efforts and your make a logo on illustrator and photoshop.

There are a number of online versions that would happily spit out a file to be used as a blog header too.

Good round up of options here.

Are portable softwares legal? Coz I think i saw some portable photoshop.

Portable software can be legal for example:

However, if it’s commercial software you have to buy a software licence and agree to their terms of licence regarding installing. Albeit I suspect you’ve seen an illegal version of Photoshop that someone has hacked.