Logo designing software

hey all i need to know what software would you use for the logo design software?
is there any good alternative of photoshop?

hey Slackr!
Thanks for reminding. I lost track of that post actually.

Gimp would be the most comprehensive software you can get that is free IMO.

I’d use software that allows the creation of vector graphics.

Five alternatives to Adobe Illustrator.

you already have a host of answers to your first question, you started a thread here.

As for alternatives to Photoshop: knock yourself out with this list they’re all free. The closest rival to PS that costs money is likely [URL=“http://www.trustedreviews.com/digital-cameras/review/2010/02/14/Corel-PaintShop-Photo-Pro-X3/p1”]Corel PaintShop Photo Pro.

For me Adobe Illustrator is the best choice to create Logos (Inkscape is a good free alternative). A logo should always be created as a vector graphic unless in some extreme cases and especially when it is going to be used for screen display only then it can be created used raster programs like Photoshop (more effects) preferably with high resolutions (i.e. 300-600 ppi).

There are so many resource for logo designing. Apart from Adobe photo shop I have seen a site for designing. Try this Logo Ease . You can also create logos in online .