Logo design

hey all designers on the forum!

if a person wants to design a Logo for a company or lets say if you have to design a nice creative logo of any company which software would you prefer?
photoshop or any other?

I thing for Logo Designing there is no need to use vector graphics. I have not much more experience in logo designing, i have designing just 4 logos. I made them by using the Photoshop and i found the great experience with Photoshop.

Yeah and i think photoshop is the best :slight_smile:

Photoshop - because you can use the brush, which can come in handing when drawing sketches, and working with tones, ect

Definitely illustrator, its the king of vector logo software imo.

Corel forever! :flippy:

Yep, vector based is the way for me too. (You’ll always have the assurance of quality and not end up with the secretary sending a GIF logo pulled from the website to the commercial printers for a poster run saying “this is all I could find”!)

Most common names associated with vector software for designers are: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Macromedia Freehand (bought out by Adobe). There are others but these have been the mainstream.

Any vector software. Illustrator for me - because I know it and I’ve always had it.

Photoshop is what I use, but it’s also all that I know. I don’t create many logos, (I goof around with some but it’s not like a run a custom logo design business) but play around with drawing desktops for my computer. (Not that they’re great but I like them.) I’m sure all these programs are good, but I can’t vouch for any except Photoshop.

I commonly use photoshop for designing a logo… but I also used Gimp for sometime now and it is indeed handy like photoshop… :slight_smile:

I use photoshop for most of my designing, I’m a wanna-be graphics artist (I say wanna-be because I’m still in highschool and haven’t had any official training which im going to university for) and web designer, I do most of my stuff in photoshop, even logo designing.


Illustrators far superior when it comes to logo design / creation. A bit more confusing than photoshop, rather way more :stuck_out_tongue: (im not that used to it) but it produces excellent quality vector images which are scalable to the point of putting it on a billboard.

If I’m putting a logo on an image as say a rounded corner background on photoshop, ill use photoshop’s tools, but if it’s JUST a logo I’ll use illustrator, the best i can that is

hey guys!
This healthy argument was so informative for anyone like me. So i am really glad that i put this thread :smiley: Thanks

Only and only vector-based software, thus Illustrator, CorelDraw etc. By no means Photoshop!

More on the subject: http://www.graphicdesignforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=41

I Prefer two things :

Adobe illustrator
PhotoShop - Thanks

there are many software available on the web like thelogocreator.com, logosmartz.com and many more. You can search on web and the best among all.


MS paint :slight_smile:
Photoshop as I think

I actually like using Paint.net. It’s the open source alternative to the paid ones and there are plenty of plugins and tutorials.

I think Photoshop is the Best because It is Easy to Use :slight_smile:

Well I’m going to put Illustrator first here on the list. Vector images are king in the world of logos. Reason being is vector images can be scaled to whatever size you like. Want your logo on a Billboard? No problem when it’s a vector based image.

Photoshop is also a nice tool, but I’d be careful about designing logos in it. If you do end up using photoshop I’d error on the side of creating a super high resolution file. You’re going to need to make this sucker big to ensure that when you scale it, print it, etc that it doesn’t end up pixelated.

If I’m looking for a logo designer I make sure that I can get the end product as a vector based image. I’m ok with Photoshop for mockups and development, but in the end I want that vector image.