I need 3d logo maker


i need 3d logo creator anyone can give me this???


Have you tried searching on Google?

Blender is a free 3-D program, but is has quite a learning curve.

Depending upon the 3-'D effect you want to create, most good vector graphics programs have some filters that can create extrusions of 2-d images and/or animation effects.

And don’t confuse a logo with a 3d rendering. there are great logos out there with give the feel of depth (3d) which aren’t ( and should not be) 3d at all.

The tilt and stress (z-axis) of an image is part of the brand. For this reason unless what you are creating is an illustration I highly recommend using Adobe Illustrator which has an adequate 3D filter built in.

As dresden_phoenix suggested, A logo should be designed with a vector graphics software such as Illustrator, InkScape etc…
Can you show us an example of what are you looking to achieve? Is it really 3D or a faux-3D… We can help you better if we completely understand what you’re looking for!

You could also look into using Aviary. It’s basically a free Adobe suite online. It’s used in browser and includes a vector program similar to Illustrator and a design program similar to PhotoShop. I’ve seen great things made in Aviary.

please check it its free