Free Graphics Program Advice

Hi, I’m looking to make a fairly basic logo for an event I’m doing - I don’t have the budget to pay for someone to do it and besides it is in my head anyway - I also certainly cannot afford Photoshop!

Is there any kind of program that I can do a basic graphic logo for free?


Have you looked at GIMP?

Hi James,

Technobear’s recommendation is great.

Another tool I can recommend is Inkscape. It’s an Open Source vector program.

The other option is to ask around your friends/contacts for anyone who is interested in helping a mate. Bribe with beer/movie tickets/favour for a favour etc. You may find that the other person’s skill can take your idea and make it happen really quickly. My brother-in-law is highly creative but lacks the skills I do. I’m forever doing favours for him taking his ideas and cranking out something quickly.

Thanks - I have decided to paint it myself, upload it and see what GIMP has to offer.

Using GIMP and Inkscape together would be like Photoshop and Illustrator - that would cover both vector and bitmap needs.