Help with logo creation

I am after a logo creation program that enables enables me to produce more subtle results and have more control over the end result that onlines sites such as Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator and [url=]Logo Design and Name Generator. I have PSElements but takes me way too long hence need for dedicated software.

Anyone any suggestions?

Just guessing but most people here are likely to use either photoshop or illustrator to do logo work. There have been debates in the past. If you are just starting out or wanting to learn to create logos I would spend some time brushing up your skills in photoshop and illustrator in regards to layers, drawing shapes, fills, and learning to manage joining shapes together. I say this because almost all the good quality logos you see are made up of basic shapes at their base and then modifications made. If you invest the time now in learning those skills you will have a much better chance of producing quality work in the long run. There’s no escaping these basic techniques if you going to be anything better than churning out cut and paste logos that anyone else could manage.

reckon you are correct Slackr, most will use PS or I or inkspace. For me the learning curve is simply too steep and I do not have the time. Ok I could pay someone else to do the work but I cant help but think there must be software out there that can produce results like the online site but offer a bit more control (eg 300dpi)

I have looked at AAA Logo and that is awful, Logo Creator doesn’t manipulate text too well. There must be something!