Free articles and their effects on SEO

Hello! Can those articles that can be found on free article directories websites be used with good results for an original content website. So if we make like 30 pages of original content can we add also let’s say another 100 articles that contribute to the better understanding of those 30 original articles? How this can impact SEO and how the search engines will place that website on SERP? Creating more links to those 30 pages I read is a method of improving position on SERP but how things will be if those links come from already existing pages?? There will be at least 1 link from the articles directories that host the article…

How can you say it’s original when its free? Those articles used by many people and will only give your site a problem…

You misunderstood… The idea was to build some original articles… and then add some free from articles directories…

I am still not able to get what you are trying to do. Do you mean adding links to web pages on your sites from other pages on the same site or from external sites?

[FONT=Verdana]I’m not clear about this, either. Are you suggesting that you’re going to add extra pages to your site, using the content copied from “free article” sites, and then build internal links from those articles to your original content? If that’s the case, I expect it would do you more harm than good. Having 30 pages of original content on your site is great; add to that 100 copied articles and I expect your credibility with the search engines will decrease, rather than increase. And that’s before you start any suspect internal linking scheme.

If I’ve misunderstood your intentions, then I apologise. Perhaps you could explain a little more fully.[/FONT]

Yeah you should not put those 100 articles from article directories. Instead you can use them to create unique article with your own spin on it. You can outsource the work. Rewriting articles is usually cheaper than writing 100% unique and original article.

Rewrite those articles and than post to your blog.

Google wants unique and valuable content that users will like.


I’m sure it is. Unfortunately, it’s still a form of plagiarism.

Exactly. So why use copied or spun articles and expect it to do you any good, either with the search engines or your visitors?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding on this line is, you will write an article and inside that article, you will insert a link to a free article related to your original article. It’s like your quoting some important insights from a free article to provide better understanding to your article? Am I right?

Yes, this was the idea… creating some original articles and then adding some other pages but with free articles to complete the information provided by the original ones…

You intend to make a super article, and then support it with a some backlinks from “free article”? So, you need to make sure that your super article get support from other articles that also super.

the important thing is to have lots of backlinks to your website. although the article was free it would be good in the modification

If i am getting you right you are saying that first you will build 30 good enough articles then you will add 100 more from free directories …i guess if you can write 30 then increasing the number should not bother you but yes it may be a sort of help if you take links from external source but they should be worth it as yours.

As we tend to say almost weekly on this forum, article submission does absolutely nothing to help SEO.

Article directories are nothing more than content farms. They peddle the notion that by giving up content you will get a backlink that will improve your SEO when in reality so many SEO spammers do the exact same thing that you’re going to get no benefit whatsoever. It’s the oldest scam in the book and if you follow through with it you’re just another chump.

I would suggest you write your own and genuine articles with quality content or get it prepared for you and promote it just on one website. I mean one article to be submitted on just one article directory. If you have 100 articles, you can submit on 100 directories and make sure that particular article content exists on just one directory or website and there is no copy of it elsewhere.

Moreover, now a days many article directories do not accept an article that is already submitted elsewhere. If you promote 100 genuine articles and with it one copied content, you are still prone to getting hammered.

Its always better to create original articles and then start building links out of them. Free articles may have lower value and credibility and sometimes it may also cause you troubles. You should also refrain from using any spinned articles which may lead to troubles. Another important aspect which you should consider is that the directories or websites where you post your articles, should be of high PR and authentic.

Better you are creating original page than only it will stand for long time. If you rewriting the articles that won’t be stand for long time because that may be rejected in the next google updates.

I think you can also search for Article related to your topic and get some good lines and rewrite it…then you can post it in article submission sites. but remember do not copy full article it will not help you Google will mark it as duplicate content.

Those articles are normally not unique and unique content is very important in your SEO effort.

[FONT=Verdana]Copying is copying, whether you copy a whole article or part of it. You are stealing somebody else’s work.

Please read the whole thread before posting. Any more posts suggesting plagiarism in any form will be deleted.[/FONT]