Free content articles and SEO

Hi! I was thinking about those article directories and I wonder if their articles are really good for a website??? I saw opinions about those articles badly affecting SEO but I don’t know exactly how… Maybe because of the page rank or something… or simply because so much people are using them… they actually can fill an entire search engine first results page and there is no room for others to get placed high :). On the other side I saw a site that do use free articles from article directories but and also original articles… and are actually placed on the first position on SERP. What is the real answer…??

I would never use articles from directories. I’ve never tried it so I can’t say for sure if it will negatively affect your rankings but I’d rather have unique content on my site.

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Really Articles very useful from directories also why means they should be need pr with out any pr there is no use so. First check that pr it help full to you.

Submitting articles on free article directories is not a bad trick in seo, one must have to write unique and informative articles by giving natural linking with it.

The question that you should really be asking yourself is whether the articles from article directories are good enough for your readers. The reason why the site that you saw using articles from article directories and still rank well in the search engines is probably because the site already has a following and the article republished on the site managed to get some inbound links, probably it is good enough.

Personally, I would avoid having a site that republishes content only from article directories because if my visitors are looking for content like these, they might as well be visiting article directories instead. Also, the fact is, most article writers publishes sub-par content onto article directories. Where do all the good ones go? Their own website. With this reason alone, I avoid republishing articles from article directories onto my own website.

Hey friends, PR and article submission are not relevant to the question here. Please read the question properly and add relevant replies in the future. :slight_smile:

The articles on the directories are not of much value. It doesn’t take that much time to write an article for your product, I have been writing the articles since 4 years and believe me the articles written by us remains unique from the SEO point of view and also increase the good amount of traffic to the website.

If you will just copy and paste articles from directories to your website without rewriting to make it unique, then this will have a negative effect on your site. But there’s no problem with it if you will rewrite the whole article and add some original ideas of yours before posting on your website. New Google algorithm easily detects duplicate content and duplicate content as we all know is bad for SEO.

You have to carefully choose the articles that you are going to put in your website. Some of the free articles are okay, however it will be best if you can rewrite the content so that it will become a unique and original article.

I’m completely agree with this. Recently update of google panda declared strictly that we should not submit duplicate content. You can write unique article in different article directory sites

Submitting to article directories does not affect SEO as long as you do not use softwares to submit spun articles automatically to article directories.

What about embedding videos ?? Does this thing also affect negatively the SEO?

Embedded videos from video sharing sites will not negatively affect SEO but if the only content that you are planning to have on your website are embedded videos created by others, you have to ask yourself why should search engines direct visitors to your website. They can just send visitors to the video sharing sites which you have taken the videos from.

If you are embedding videos, adding your thoughts about the video or insights that you got out of it adds value and makes it a better content.

I would never touch the articles from these article directories no matter how desperate i am about the content. Just think about it like this: just how many people in the world are thinking like you about going to an article directory site and grab the same article to post it on their sites? If it is a popular niche then you can be sure that thousands of people have already been thinking the same thing as you.

So if you want to avoid getting penalized for using duplicated content then i would suggest you to stay clear from these content from the article directories. Not to mention these content are usually of low quality, that is the reason why Google penalized most of the sites in the Panda updates.

I always use unique content on my site.