Article directory submission and duplicate content

Hi, I am wondering whether it is possible to take one of my existing articles and submit it to article directory. I wonder whether this is acceptable practice as I have never done article directory submission before. How will duplicate content affect my website ranking?

Submitting to about (2-3) top article directories like ezinearticles will be much better than going for many. This will also be on safe side if you think of duplicate contents penalty.

Thanks Topgrade, for your reply. Do you think it is better to create a new article, submit to ezinearticles, and, say, a week later, post it into my website, or the other way round, i.e. I take one of my articles and post it in ezinearticles.

Interesting thread as I am in the process of writing articles to help build links to my site. I always write new articles for the directories and never us the same article for my site. It’s a lot of work; but I seem to get good results with that method.

Then I better follow your footsteps. So you don’t post that article back into your website later on? How about after 3 months? You think it will hurt your website ranking?

In my point of view, there are around 20 to 30 article directories and if you post your articles in those article directories, that won’t create any problem! and we all know it practically! so No more fluffs!

Article Marketing is important, but at this movement Article submissions will be rejected out of hand for duplicate content.

Thanks for the info, Sibz. So I guess what I can do is submit new articles to the article directories and then post it into my website after a month or so, when the traffic has already died down.

I still can’t get the logic. People can copy from the Article Directories, right? I mean as long as you quote the source… so why is there such a big deal about duplication?

yes duplicate article affect on your work
first of all your duplicate will not be accept by the admin and it will removed it.
And your all hard work like creating account and submission gone waste. So submit a unique and self created article. Article submission is most important and fastway to get high pr and backlinks.

Point taken. But I understand anyone can copy those articles, as long as they cite the source.

Don’t post same article with another article directory sites. you can do some changes like make unique with user needful content.

yeah you can copy it but the those article don’t have any benefit because of it is duplicate. Every admin have the software which find the duplicate article. If your article is duplicate so soon your article will be ban of rejected by the admin.

I think mostly articles sites only accept unique content for publish.

From what I have seen, article marketing is so saturated and spammed that it’s hard to create an effective campaign through general submission sites. Might be better to use unique material on your blog and add to other blogs in similar fields. Ezine lost major PR last year due to Googles changes.

Article is the more useful and helpful technique in SEO but your article content should be fresh, relevant, innovative and high quality don’t use the copy content. Submit you content only 5 article directories.

Duplicate content does not really help with web ranking. They may accept your article but google is more likely going to choose one in their search engine.