Forum posting is responsible to increase website popularity?

Recently start my career in SEO executive, but I have no experience. please tell me how to use forum posting in the right way to increase traffic.

I don’t believe that forum posting is an effective way to gain a lot of traffic, though it may depend on the forum.
Avoid blatant link dropping, as this is more likely to get you banned for spamming a forum.
The only legitimate way I see it creating any traffic is if you make an impression and people want to look at your profile and follow your link there, but I would not expect huge numbers from that. Forums won’t help ranking, because links will be nofollow. You should maybe concentrate your efforts elsewhere to gain traffic.


So, what can i do for gain tarffic?
use blog posting?

Do you have something interesting to say in a blog post? If not, and you’re just thinking of doing this to gain traffic, I’d say forget it. You will only gain traffic this way if people find what you are writing to be of interest and want to know more.

You might find it useful to look around the Marketing section of the forums, as we have had many threads discussing ways to increase traffic. Some recent ones are:

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Try reading these recent articles from Sitepoint

  1. Pick forums on topics related to your site.
  2. Post lots of useful answers (thousands) on the forums (takes several years)
  3. A small number of people will then find your answers useful enough to investigate your site further.
  4. If you are really lucky then some of those people will add a link from their site to yours.

Hi there! As long as you are promoting contents which are relevant and valuable to your fellow forum members then you’ll be able to use forum posting as a means to increase website traffic. Of course, it should be done in a way according to the forum rules and that it answers directly to particular question that is being asked…:slight_smile:

Of course on forums like this one the person needs to be interested enough to click on the profile link for the person who posted (their avatar or user name) and then click again on a link there that goes to that person’s site. So your post has to be really worthwhile to get people interested enough to drive traffic.

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