How to build more traffic?

Hi everyone!
I have a forum in the past visitors, “25,000” Now, “3860”
I am looking for more ideas on how can I increase my traffic, and I want a SEO company to help me
example ,and how are prices?
my forum arbic

Discuss hot topics to keep your visitors, and they also will recommend you. Or just go for link exchange with related forums…

i read from the other forums that setting up a contest is effective too to attract more visitors.

I hope they give me links
And what is hot topics?? so I can keep visitors
What do you think of,, "Would you recommend dealing with them, or not
Thank you for the assistance

provide interesting facts, images and videos that can make your visitors get back.

do you do blog commenting on other niche relevant blogs?

If you deal with them then I guess it will cost expensive right? I was wondering if you have a knowledge in doing the SEO process? Because you can work for your forums. And what was your forum niche? I mean topic of your forums? If its Arabic then its would be better if you can just promote your Arabic forums locally, IMO.

yes I guess this is what you called a relevant content :smiley:

Yes, contest is a good way to attract visitors especially if the price is good.

What is the best service I can provide for visitors to my site? Is it a script marriage. Or upload pictures and files ?

Is it really expensive? , Is there any alternative?
And I really do not have knowledge in SEO, Please tell me
my Forum is entertaining and carries women’s sections,
What recommends the addition of sections of the forum, could contribute to the fame
Thank you

Honestly SEO should start at dominating a long tail keyword under 10k people with high advertising. If you want to pay for SEO services look into products. Make a top 10 list and do your research on products thru search engine pages listed.

If you want immediate traffic you should be using PPC. There are many Guru courses that guve you training on how to do extensive keyword research and managing PPC - Pay Per Click.

That method can get expensive. If your not doing video marketing, look into Traffic Geyser. Jing is a cheap screen capture tool. SEO is the best method, its really, really competitive.

Create link theme base page with good PR website. Follow the search engine algorithm and get top ranking in search.

Thanks for the tips
But I’m looking for SEO company and at competitive prices
not expensive
Please, help me, and you are supporting the Arabic sites?

There are a lot of ways to increase traffic to a site. Social bookmarking is a great way to increase traffic to a site. Forums and blogs are also popular ways to increase traffic.

But recently …google You delete the sites To add links in the blog
Is it possible … put me links to in blog and even if the price

Add your link in webdirectories, socialbookmarking sites, and in blogs.

submit your site story and socialised it in social bookmarking such as, digg or reddit…

do some seo backlinking strategy… for organic visitor

its all about quality not quantity…

generating traffic for your site will take some time. but there’s an easy way to generate traffic, join some social networking site put your links there and im sure will give some traffic.

Thank you my brother
I hope put link sites that are willing to exchange with me
Thank you very much