Forum Marketing

What is your thought on Forum Marketing seeing behavior of Google search engine, can we manage to get traffic from forums too?

How would you exactly define forum marketing?

Yes we can manage to get a good traffic from forum. It also help to increase ranking in search engine

What, exactly, “helps to increase ranking in search engine” and how? If you think you’re going to get backlinks, I’m afraid your mistaken. All external links on the SitePoint forums are nofollow, and most other reputable forums are the same.

[font=verdana]Forum marketing is generally just a polite way of saying “spam”. Any forum wants people to participate because they want to be part of the forum, they don’t want people to take part just so they can get some backlinks and visitors. Most forums have external links marked as “nofollow”, so you’ll get no search engine benefits from them, and the chances of people clicking through links are slim. Here on SPF we monitor all links vigilantly and any that appear to be self-promotional are removed, with severe and persistent offenders banned.

If you become an active and respected member of the forum then you might be able to build the sort of reputation where people might be tempted to click through to your sites, but that takes time and effort, and lots of them.[/font]

well .
we can manage to get high traffic through forum marketing .
but the thing is that , the post or thread in the forum should be up to dated and more informative only then people will visit your post and eventually your blog or site.


That depends. If you’re only participating in a forum to promote yourself, that’s spam- not marketing.

But if you’re active in a forum and make new clients through networking in the same forum (having proven you know your stuff on a given topic) then “forum marketing” can be very effective. I am new to forums myself, but the first forum I joined actually brought me a significant number of new clients. I don’t go around posting weak responses with a link enclosed, but that’s not how to truly market any business anyways.

Forums are used for several purposes. Main thing is getting traffic. Dofollow forums are use “do follow” attribute and boost your Search engine rank. This not only increase your blog ranks also its give target traffic to your blog.

What exactly is the “do follow” attribute - I have not heard of it before. How can I implement it on my forum?

Don’t confuse a tag with how an engine ranks your site. Forums by the nature are uncontrolled and as such going to be heavily weighed down in their link value. However as I often remark, SEO is just one benefit of a link. Long before the spiders see your page users will and they’re the ultimate goal either way.

Forum links are natural but nofollow. This is the main problem.

If you added the link, then it is NOT natural

but nofollow.
Plenty of forums are “dofollow”
This is the main problem.
Why is it a problem?

I have one site that was ranked No.1 just from forum profiles. Since the last update it is no longer ranked in the top 500, so I would think that a big part of a recent algo change is that forum profiles carry little weight.

Relevant and on topic Blog posts and Guest posting seems to be the way to go at the moment.

Plenty of forums are “dofollow” Why is it a problem?

I think he meant was ‘nofollow’.

I agree BAMcopywriting, also there are section in many forums that allow you to sell products and services. It’s part of forum marketing too, I guess.

That time forum is the best way to marketing many client come on the forum and deal here also you can descous any topic and get more info with different peoples.

It is best when you comment with useful information, then people might notice your sig link. Not much worth for Google though.