Fastest way to get indexed?

What is the fastest way to get our site in Google or any of the other search engines? I read that using flash might hurt us, is that true?

A link from a popular web page that is frequently spidered by Google is the fastest way to get indexed.

At this time search engines have difficulty “spidering” flash, stick with HTML to get indexed quickly.

Getting indexed in same day or two is easy with social media. What’s hard is getting ranked fast, that takes effort and multiple SEO and marketing strategies. Don’t use Flash if you are trying to get ranked and indexed fast. It will hinder your efforts.

Two different questions, both asked and answered here before.

Try searching questions separately.

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Answer - ehem…Stick up a wordpress blog, and post a few articles.

No seriously, Google loves Wordpress - it works everytime! :smiley:

Hint: Make sure to add a plug-in such as all in one seo pack it’ll definately help.

Good luck!

interestingly enough, i’ve seen the same and was totally surprised by it. brand new domain, built a blog using wordpress and had the goobot there in less than 24 hours with no other sites linking to it. i was shocked at how quick they showed up. but, like was said before, good ranking took quite a bit longer.

Having links on popular/high traffic websites help.

I didn’t know it was that complicated to get indexed or something. what i just do is to bookmark my pages and submit an xml sitemap to Google. then i go on with promoting the site, would wait a few days before checking if its indexed or not and normaly, it always is after a short span of time

The fastest way to get your site index by Google is submitting your site links to Digg or top social bookmarking sites.

It’s not so hard to be indexed if you have a good page with good content for humans and optimized to be reach and read by search engines robots…better if you are linked from a site that is already visited by robots…and better yet if you subscribe the a site map to google’s webmaster tool…as I said, it’s not so hard to be indexed, the difficult thing is to rank well

I’ve some tips for you:

Submit to multiple search engines
Now a days u cam submit your website to multiple search engines for free, and it certainly will help in boosting up your rank for Google, the most important search engines are Google, Yahoo, Ask jeaves, Baidu( for Chinese market) and and also submitting it to Alexia will also help.

Get quality Backlinks
Starts with getting quality backlinks before submitting your site to Google, text-link-ads, Squidoo, commenting on blogs, link exchanges & if you can design make a template and put your site link on that. how ever text-link-ads may require a little money out of your pocket but its worth it because you can get quality PR4 or 5 backlinks, Remember PR backlinks does count, higher the PR backlink site, higher your ranking will be.

Build Solid title & meta tags
Google love quality meta and title tags, make sure you have enough keywords in meta descriptions, and your title tag is built on solid keyword searching.

Social Bookmarking can help
Yes it does help, most of the social bookmarking sites have very high PR value, getting a backlink from them is fast, easy and offcourse free. bookmarking sites includes but not limited to,,, and offcourse

if i have a new site, and i want it to get indexed immediately, i will social bookmark it. flash won’t hurt your site. in fact, search engine can now crawl sites built in flash.

Wright fresh content in your website and social bookmarking is the best way to get indexed website fastest way.

Quality content and patience :slight_smile:

Submit to multiple search engines

Waste of time. Just get a link from a well spidered site and you’ll be indexed in no time.

Now a days u cam submit your website to multiple search engines for free, and it certainly will help in boosting up your rank for Google

Submitting your site to other search engines will not boost your rankings in Google.

Write unique article, publish it on your site and add the link to this article to So your site will be indexed in the shortest time. If the article will be interesting enough it’ll bring you traffic as well

Make 100 valuable posts here at SP and add your site to your signature. This forum is spidered frequently.

Oh - as for your second question… it depends how you use Flash. Flash is now partially indexed by Google so it does have a place in webdesign, but not if you’re going to use it to make splash pages that serve no purpose…

Based on my own experience, Blogs get indexed really fast.
Upon creating a new blog, fill it up with rich and unique content, I think it’s quite safe to say that you could spam it with topic posts before it finally gets indexed by the big G. Then, I would submit it to social bookmarking sites as it really helps a lot to get it indexed right away.

The fastest indexation for me was round about 3 to 4 hours away from my blog was just registered on that same day.

I think a good amount of backlinks help in quick indexing.
Also if the content of the site is fresh and good formatted then it is to index the site.