How to index site Super FAST?

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please suggestion how to index site super fast in google?

with google webmaster tool you can directly index

The Fetch as Google feature on WMT can get new content crawled and indexed very quickly.
I have written an article, fetched the page, then Googled a snippet of the new content the same day and found it indexed.
Bing has similar tools too.

The best way to index any website or page you can use webmaster tool even you can send request to Google via it will redirect to you index page. You can login there with your any Gmail id and click on the submit button.

And also you can use 20 search site to get instant indexing…

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Aside from pinging your site with tools like pingomatic and pingler, everytime you publish a post or content in your site or blog, post the link to your social pages like facebook and twitter.

Most social media sites - including Facebook and Twitter - mark such external links as nofollow, so while you may get traffic by this method, it will not help to get your site indexed, which is the subject of this discussion.

Sites like facebook is nofollow indeed and I am aware that most social networking sites are nofollow and the topic of the thread is about faster indexing.

A big site like twitter and facebook linking to a webpage is a vote of trust to that site regardless that it is a nofollow link. A site that is considered as trustworthy in the eyes of google will crawl that site more often.

Yes - if Twitter or Facebook place the link. But a link which you place yourself on their service is regarded as being of little value.

Along the lines of what @TechnoBear said — gaining dofollow backlinks from high-quality sites will get your site indexed much more quickly over time. That’s partly why so many people will guest post on other sites, so they can add a link to their own site in the bio (and make sure it’s dofollow).

You can get your site indexed super fast via GWT “fetch” tool. I use it whenever I post fresh content on my new sites. This way you also feel safe from content rippers.

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