How to index blog faster in google

Guys tell me the proper and clean ways to index blog faster in google…
i have a 3 months older blog …i m doing its submission on directories but not indexed yet…can u guys help me

Few suggestions you can follow

  1. Make sure blog has good content, keywords, title, and heading.
  2. Make sure length is at least 300 words.
  3. After you post your blog, submit it to blog directory, article directory, etc.
  4. Keep doing this, if possible, on daily basis.

You should see result in few months.

Use article submission. Submit to ezinearticles, goarticles and articlebase and link back to your website.

Use web 2.0 such as squidoo and Hubpages and link back to your website.

Use a ping service. My faves are and

My only suggestion is to put fresh and unique content and Google bots and spiders will index your website within 3mins. Trust me, I own several blogs and every post on those blogs gets indexed within 3mins. Google really likes fresh and unique content.

Indexing is always fast when you have a blog. I normally have my site index with 24 hours. Alot of people mistaken about indexing with Page ranking. You can get index fast but not for page ranking.

You can also write comments for other blogs and include your site link. It will shorten the time for indexing as well.

Once you have posted simply ping the blog to let all the blog ping services know you have updated it, ofcourse doing all this won’t help with getting you on page 1 if the niche is very competitive

after you made your posts ping it immediately. then after that bookmark your post to different bookmarking sites.

Ping your blog posts in blog pinging sites is the best way. apart from that, the above informations are just exact. Thanks to chandapal.

Indexing has nothing to do with content. Only Ranking do . You were lucky enough to have your site indexed within min.

The keywords have an important role and also promoting your blog on IM and Online networks helps you a lot to have traffic and as a consequence, to be indexed upper in Google.

Try the following steps it will help you

  1. Create at least 3 to 7 pages of content
  2. Create a template/menu structure
  3. Make sure HTML pages correctly formed
  4. Create a Sitemap
  5. Create a Webmaster Tools account and Submit / Ping Sitemap
  6. Link from highly trafficked bookmarking sites
  7. Comment on a popular forum/help pages
  8. Install and activate Google Analytics
  9. Use Google AdSense
  10. Use Google AdWords

submit your site in google webmaster…

they will give you a meta tag ,you have to place it in your site html coding…

I’ve hear a lot of people saying “make some quality back links” lately, as if it’s an easy thing to do.

For the life of me though, I can’t figure out how to do it; Will you explain to me how to create quality back-links for my blog?

Thank you :slight_smile:

One great tool that I have actually seen is Backlink Energizer. Although it’s used to get
backlinks indexed, it can actually help get any pages indexed, in general.

Aside from using a tool like B.E., the best way to get your blogs indexed quickly is with
backlinks, from different sources. Post 1 articles on Ezine, 1 on GoArticles, 1 on Squidoo,
1 on Typepad, 1 on Live Journal… Preferably, stick to Live Journal and other easy-to-post websites. Also, feel free to use Social Bookmarking :slight_smile:

Yeah, the content really matters. Write more often and also use labels and keywords that are common, that are general.
And about the directories…this only helps you if you work at your site, if it’s active.

Make sure about the following steps to get index a blog very fast

  1. The content is unique.
  2. Domain is not banned by Google.
  3. Has no association with Spam or something very illegal.
  4. Your Robots.txt does not block Google bots.

Google index blogs when fresh content is posted. The stats of google’s crawling could be checked in the google webmaster tools.

All other suggestions like off page SEO etc will promote your blog to rest of the web and its like announcing your blog and getting some traffic of readers.

  1. backlinks
  2. meta tags
  3. submit directory
  4. social bookmark
  5. soacial networking
  6. ping

Submiting to the search engines just takes so long to get your site indexed. What you want is for the search engine bots to stumble upon your blog by following links to your blog from sites that are frequently crawled. A good site is Technoratin. Claim your blog their. Technorati is spidered so many times a day it’s a great place. DOes not matter if the link is do follow or no follow. As long as it’s a link that the bots can crawl, it’ll get you indexed

submit your site to . this is one of the social bookmarking site, if you submit a topic in this site , it index within 15 min in and other search engines