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Can anybody please tell me how do i index an element of my site in Google as soon as i create it. For example, i’ve coupon creation in my system. I’d like google to index the url of the coupon just after i finish my creation procedure.

It’s just a thought. Is it possible? If yes, how???

FYI, Im developing in php, and i dont have too much concept of detailed SEO tactics.

Thanks in advance…

Essentially your question is how you can quickly alert Google of new content so your new pages are crawled more faster and hopefully indexed, right?

The first step is to create an XML sitemap and upload that to Google Webmaster Tools. If you have already submitted a sitemap, you can resubmit it which will ping Google to let them know you’ve made some changes. Additionally, I usually reference my sitemap.xml file if it’s not in the document root in the robots.txt file to help search engines like Yahoo! and Bing.

If you have links to your new content, like if someone bookmarks your website, that will probably get the search engine spiders there a bit more quickly as well. You shouldn’t be bookmarking your own content but provide the ability for others to bookmark it. Do you use Twitter or Facebook? If so, post a link to your new content there.

You submitted social bookmarking, article submission, twitter and facebook then Google very fast indexed your site.

Like everyone says, just give Google a way to get to your site and the bot will do the rest.

if you need fast crawling you can post information related particular webpage to website hotfrog or diggcom

Social Bookmarking is the best way to get indexed very soon…

Social sites are the best way

that is already there for each coupon, so that users can share these in social networking site. but for that i have to depend on users. how can i do this automatically. i.e without any user interactions i want these coupons to be indexed by search engines.

Can we have that ???


Not true, providing a link to your new site from any site that regularly gets crawled is just as good.

you submit your site in bookmarking and create sitemap of your site in xml format and submit in google.

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Bookmarking is one of the best way to get crawled as soon as possible.

Social bookmarking is the best way to index fastly ur site and traffic is also increase.