Facebook Fan Pages

Hi guy’s nice to meet you all. It’s good to be a part of this forum. I know you’re interested with Facebook. Feel free to read this one and let me hear some thoughts from you. With the fact that Facebook can really affect our society today, I can say that it is the best tool to communicate and can even use for business purposes. One of the most interesting features of Facebook to facilitate the needs of business owners to drive insane traffic to their site is thru the use of Facebook Fan Page. A fan page is recognized by many as a great tool to further expand your social network, interact with your clients and customers and promote your company. Coupled with the fact that Facebook fan pages are accessible even by those that are not already registered on Facebook, can advance your potential for exposure. What do you think of making your business go viral with this Facebook stuff?

Facebook has helped me to have a good amount of quality traffic. I have been using facebook from quiet a long time and i have just learn one thing, which is… be real and participate in a proper way…

so far i dont have much positive results from facebook fan pages.
could be that i am missing some tricks there.

Sounds like you need some ways to better maximize your page; facebook is a key platform for exposure, what are you using it to do now?

If you use it right it’s not that bad. on my latest project i have an average of 6-10k readers for each post there, and most posts has of course a link back to the full post on my site, or other relevant stuff on my site.

the fanpage also have a form to sign up at my list, which got me more than 1k new signups in just a few weeks.

the site is new and still under construction, so i can’t complain…

I have 4 fanpages at the moment…

the quality of the traffic - from an economical perspective, is not the best - but it helps…

i had a fanpage and when i had something like 12000 fans my fanpage got banned… so my experience with fan page is bad

Well I guess, Facebook Page is the best start in promoting viral marketing, but still it’s the content of the page is what the viewers looking at. Make sure that what you have advertise is attainable and realistic because people would not have much time looking at spammy pages

Fanpage in facebook is the door to get traffic dramatically for your site and sales e.g if you fill the appropriate details of your site. What i like in fan page is that you can monitor where your visitors are coming from, their age and, their gender etc. At the moment I like the traffic I’m getting from facebook fan page.

Actually, while this one is a good marketing strategy, it is quite hard to accomplish. For one, your Facebook fan page needs to be good enough that the people themselves would be the one promoting it.

I use facebook to attract additional traffic for my websites although i haven’t tried fan pages yet. I use the wall posting feature although its a bit time consuming. But overall Im getting decent traffic from it.

Facebook is the best social networking sites to promote you business. I had a created Fan pages also and I got very good response form it. It is very good resource to get traffic and promote you business.

Facebook I think is very effective ONLY IF you can get to your target audience/users
it’s sometimes very hard to get to the right people because you cannot contact them if you’re not their friend
compared to say twitter where u can follow anyone you like

Facebook is definitely great if you can harness it’s ‘power’, so to speak

i have a facebook fanpage that has 300 likes and i don’t get any visits from it.

And what are you doing with the page that should get you visits?

Facebook can be a great source of quality traffic but the key is to combine other factors into the equation such as social bookmarking and other websites. I’ve gotten a couple fan pages rocking this way.