Easy blog Software?

Have a client asking me to setup a blog software for him on his site. What would be a good Blog software for a user who is less than technical. I need something simple they can change themes and kinda of make the site the way they want to. Any suggestions would be great thanks!


You can try WordPress. There are themes to download and WYSIWYG editor.

There are 2 options… wordpress and b2evolution… b2evolution is excellent in looks but the problem is the plugins… there is no proper plugin for adsense… i used that first and ended up losing all my contents in my blog… i changed to wordpress the next hour… it depends what your client want… if it is about adsense then i would suggest wordpress… if it is just about sharing views, then b2evol is good…

I have tried wordpress and thought it’s more for technical person (php+mysql+linux or wins).

Wordpress is about as easy as it gets. Most hosts will install it for free. :cool:

Most suggestions you get will be PHP/MySQL apps unless you require something else?

Here are some other suggestions re: Wordpress alternatives.

I’d definitely go with Wordpress. Easy to use interface, and upgrades with the simple click of the mouse. Can’t go wrong with that.

Wordpress is best for blogging and because of it search engine friendly every blogger wants to switch on wordpress

You can use blogger or wordpress. Blogger doesn’t require any installation or domain or hosting, you can set it up in less than 2 mins.

Word press would definitely be your best bet. This one is rather intuitive and easy to use, so your client can immediately do posts.

Wordpress should be the most easiest. But, if he has a bit programming knowledge(php), try SNews too.

Blogger is the easiest one and wordpress is robust. You can use any of them

Wordpress is the best blogging but it is quite technical. The other option is b2evolution and it seem to be very easy and simple.

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