Need a suggestion for developing a blog/website

I have just purchased a domain name and hosting package, and I’m about ready to get my site/blog developed. It’s going to be primarily a blog plus a few other pages for miscellaneous stuff. I have no desire for anything really technical or complicated. I just need a very simple design. Is the best kind of platform for this type of site, or are there better alternatives available?

Absolutely yes. Find a theme you like and you are just a few clicks away from having it installed and ready to go.

In agreement with Ralph, I use for my own personal blog and I have never looked back! I will say have a real good look around for a good theme as ralph has suggested.

I found when I first started with my blog I played around with a few themes until I found one that had the look and feel I was after - I also love the plug-in feature has as there are so many great additions you can make to ur blog without being that technically minded! Definitely my suggestion also :tup: Goodluck!

+1 for Wordpress: easy to use, lots of free templates and lots of plugins, what would you like more? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if wordpress is the best blog software but if a lot of people use and trust it might ring you a bell about something :wink:

WordPress is a great choice.

Be aware, however, that WordPress updates its software extremely frequently. That sounds like a good thing, might also be a good thing, but can be a most unnerving task, particularly when you’ve heavily customised your WP installation.

Personally, I prefer using other CMSes for my personal sites that are more secure and don’t require (almost) monthly upgrades. In fact, I don’t use WordPress for personal projects at all.

With that said, WordPress is an excellent choice but I’d not limit myself to it as there are plenty of CMSes/Blogging applications that might be a good fit as well.

TextPattern, MovableType, ModX, ExpressionEngine…and there are plenty more that are worthy of a test-drive.

Although I have several WordPress sites, constant updates of both the WP framework and the plugins are a headache. I’m using ModX on new sites and will soon transfer WP sites there. It’s open-source with a very short learning curve and very few hassles.

I think I am strongly leaning towards WordPress, partly because I have had a blog for several years. I would not have to implement updates every time they came out, would I? I have no problem doing that if I could choose perhaps to do it every six months or something like that. Or would I encounter serious issues if I did not have the latest updates?

Yes, you should definitely update your WordPress installation when a new upgrade comes along because, for the most part, these updates are security patches/bug fixes.

you can add theme thats easily available on sites.

The main benefit to starting with a Wordpress hosted blog is that it makes the transfer to a self hosted blog using Wordpress much easier.However you can’t put adsense code on wordpress hosted blog.

If (when) the limitations get to be too much for you, you can then get a self-hosted WordPress blog and import your .com posts into it.

If you want something more for free, use

I think wordpress is a good platform. I’m not a webmaster but I can use it easily. There’s a ton of wordpress templates, from the simple 'till the complex one and you can find and use it free. And also, you can choose and apply certain plugin that will support your any requirement in develop you site