Recommendations on simple blog software

By simple, I mean way more pared down than wordpress. I love wordpress, use it all the time. But I’d like to find something lite but very flexible that I can throw onto sites that need news updates etc…
any ideas?

Wordpress is the best, but you can opt for blogspot too.

I think you missed the point…

Anyways to the OP what about a super tiny CMS that is about 6 KB is size?

heh indeed… thanks for that link, though! looks neat… although not totally what i’d had in mind (should have been more specific). I am looking for something that would have a rendered back-end so that I could give clients access to it to make posts…

Maybe something like CushyCMS?

CMS.txt looks promising…

I have only use Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla and in terms of security and availability of plug-ins, I am very satisfied in these three…

The most flexible, supported, supported script, full of themes, plugins, ecc is Wordpress. I have work many many sites with wordpress.

i realize you can do a lot with wordpress as i mentioned in my first post. I’ve built quite a few wordpress sites/blogs myself… but it isn’t what I would call simple from a back end point of view, because it can do so much.
i’m looking for something that’s less of a strain on a server as far as queries go and that is just much smaller and snappier if poss. i don’t need to do a whole wp install just to add simple news updates to a site

I wish people would read first :slight_smile:

Check out the blogs section at OpensourceCMS - - there are a few “lightweight” blogging systems that might work for you, otherwise might fit the bill.

Otherwise have a wade through Hotscripts News section as there are news system of just about every flavour listed there -

sorry to bring this up from the depths, but I wonder if anyone else has some input. textpattern seems pretty well thought of. What I’m most concerned about is something that will be really easy to drop onto one page of on already built site using the same css file.

Try this snewcms.

It is so small that the whole system consists of, apart from the 1 css file, 1 single php file. You can include that file in your system and use some parts of it and use whatever functions you want. It is that flexible and therefore delicious.

Give it a try.