Integrating blog into existing static site - which Blog software?


I’m intending to integrate blogging capability to a static website.

Which blogging software (Wordpress, b2evolution, etc.) would you recommend? My criteria:

  • Easy to integrate into existing site (don’t want to have to design a theme from scratch to make it match existing site)
  • Very easy for client (non-techie) to enter new posts.

Thanks very much for your suggestions.

I’ve never heard a bad word said about Wordpress.

It’s very easy for a client to use as well.

You might consider Modx. It is probably the easiest CMS when it comes to integrating your existing site. Some learning required of course, and setting up a blog is more probably more complex than with Wordpress, but your degree of control over the look and feel is unreal - it’s just like an ordinary website.

I’ve used several content management systems for myself and for clients and I have to say Wordpress hands down has been the best. Very little html or css knowledge needed, extremely user friendly, seo friendly and thousands of plugins to support it.

Never used modx, so can’t remark on that software though…I’m sure it’s worth checking out. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I will recommend Wordpress.

Not only with wordpress, I think there is no tool that helps in finding an exactly match to your existing theme if it is uniquely made!

I will suggest Stiva Blog Script -this is perfect for integrating into a clients’ websites - only one line code. It comes with the source code and you can change and modify the script. I think it’s very easy to use as well.

It’s developed by stivasoft, I’ve used these guys for a calendar script customization once and I do not hesitate to recommend their site to you <snip/>. They have useful resources and a lot of nice scripts that would help in a lot of projects.

Personally I don’t like wordpress, we build our own blog software although we don’t have plan to sell it or make it free. In terms of seo, it works pretty good.

Wordpress seems complicated for some users. You must have some knowledge of php and mysql. One of our clients even had problem migrating wordpress blog from a server to another.

I would recommend you to shop around and compare with others based on your skills and resources.

Wordpress should be your best bet. But, personally I like SNews CMS.

So you won’t make a bigger and useless effort i recommand you also wordpress. I have a website made on this platform and there are only 4 or 5 stept to follow to post something. You don’t need any HTML and in here you may learn some HTML tricks to change some small formatting design only by using it and imitating.